December 2020, January + February 2021


Advance your skills & position yourself as a strong female leader
Intimate and hands-on, this unique learning opportunity will facilitate the personal development you need to optimise performance and accelerate your growth. Designed for female leaders in APS 5 & 6 level roles, this interactive, three-part digital Masterclass will set you up to thrive as a public sector leader, developing the skills and confidence to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities for career progression.

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What can I expect from this digital Masterclass? Even though we are going digital don’t worry - you won’t miss out on any of the benefits of a face to face event! Here’s what you can expect:
  • Highly interactive learning - Designed to give you all the same interactive and hands-on learning experiences you normally would, you won’t be a passive observer in this Masterclass. Be an active participant through small group breakout sessions, Q&A and scenario-based discussions!
  • Build new connections & a support network of like-minded peers - You’ll get the chance to collaborate and problem-solve with a new network of APS professionals, all with a special interest in growing high performing teams.
  • Module-based learning - Split over three learning modules, participants will have time to digest new learnings, think of further questions and put new skills and tools into practice between sessions.
  • Easy to use digital resources - Walk away with a suite of resources and materials for you and your team 
  • Personalised learning - With a maximum of 20 participants, you will have the opportunity to share your personal objectives, have 1-1 discussions with the facilitator and receive personalised feedback and insights

Who will attend? Aspiring, emerging and existing female leaders across the Australian Public Sector, and male champions of change in APS5 & APS6 or state-based equivalent roles such as:
  • Officers
  • Senior Officers
  • Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Advisors

Benefits of attending

  • Explore how to be a more effective leader through Emotional Intelligence
  • Shift from a management to a leadership mindset
  • Understand how to use Design Thinking to innovate & harness creativity
  • Find your focus & understand how to get the most out of your time
  • Learn how to communicate with clarity & build influence
  • Discuss how to nurture relationships & build your support network
  • Build authentic confidence to stand in your worth & maximise your potential
  • Uncover how to develop your personal brand
  • Break the stress cycle - how to bounceback & succeed over the long term
  • From surviving to thriving - why mindfulness matters

Key Speakers

Claire Harrison
Executive Coach & Facilitator

What People Are Saying

  • “She was great. A good mix of information, advice, shared research and group interaction.”

    Fern Makeham
    Department of Veterans Affairs, May 2020
  • “Claire was very engaging with great presentation skills. Her content was very helpful.”

    Leigh Surland
    Northern Beaches Council, May 2020
  • “Claire was very upbeat and had a lovely delivery manner, very calming to watch on camera. The content in Claire’s presentation was full of useful tips to try out in the workplace and even just in everyday life. She left me feeling inspired to try new things and embrace a growth mindset.”

    Claire Draper
    Department of Defence, May 2020

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