An immersive and comprehensive program to strengthen and guide your leadership growth
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23, 24 & 25 November 2022
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Leadership and accountability - take charge of the next phase of your career

This is a watershed moment in your career and the habits and behaviours that you cultivate now will become the cornerstones of your senior leadership in the years to come. This intimate and engaging masterclass is designed to provide you with these habits and behaviours, so you can grow and scale your senior leadership for what comes next.

It’s the perfect addition to your training if you have already attended one of the Hatchery’s APS 5 - 6 masterclasses OR it stands alone if you are joining us for the first time at the APS 6 - EL 1 level.

Specifically designed for women in APS 6 and EL 1 level roles, this highly engaging three-part digital Masterclass will give you key tools to thrive as a senior leader and set yourself up for success for the rest of your career. Claire has designed this program to meet and support your work level standard requirements for levels AP6-EL1.

To exceed your work level standards for leadership and accountability, there are a number of specific capabilities outlined which include:
• Maintaining team cohesion
• Managing change and uncertainty in the workplace
• Proposing and facilitating innovation and improvement
• Anticipating problems and contributing to issues management
• Setting priorities and ensuring quality output

This masterclass will take you on a journey to excel in these areas with Claire’s expertise and guidance. A mixture of presentation, breakout time, discussion and Q&A will enable you to have an honest and inspiring experience which is both practical and inspiring.

What can I expect from this online masterclass?

A personalised learning experience - With a maximum of 25 participants, this intimate and hands-on Masterclass will give you the opportunity to share your personal objectives and organisational challenges, work in groups to solve problems and have 1-1 discussions with the facilitator to receive personalised feedback and insights
Build new connections and a support network of like-minded peers - You’ll get the chance to collaborate and problem-solve with a new network of peers, all with a special interest in growing as APS 6 and EL 1 leaders. Each participant will work in small groups throughout the modules to provide support, advice and networking between sessions, with many support networks continuing beyond the program as lasting relationships.
A toolkit of takeaway resources - Walk away with a toolkit of practical resources, frameworks and hacks that you will be able to implement immediately to assist your leadership development journey and career progression goals.

Who will attend?

Aspiring, emerging and existing female leaders across the Australian Public Sector in APS 6 and EL 1 roles such as:
• Assistant Directors
• Managers
• Senior Advisors
• Senior Managers
• Team Leaders

“Transitioning from subject matter expert to executive-level leadership requires managers to broaden and build their leadership capability, shape strategic thinking and lead with purpose and vision in an ever-changing landscape. At this level leaders are expected to demonstrate agile thinking, engage in complex problem solving, communicate with influence and lead diverse teams in a time of unprecedented disruption and change.

Leaders are required to exercise sound decision-making and be accountable when providing high-level advice. This 3-day masterclass will provide you with the skills to build a solid foundation of best practice leadership as you transition to EL1.”

- Claire Harrison, Masterclass Facilitator

Benefits of attending

  • Become aware of your blind spots & learn how to seek iterative feedback for ongoing development
  • Foster an environment of continuous improvement & innovation
  • Inspire purpose & direction for yourself & others
  • Build trust with your team & key stakeholders that drive win-win outcomes
  • Lead with curiosity
  • Communicate with influence & build connections through active listening
  • Create cornerstone habits that support & energise you
  • Reflect on the art of contemplation - why this is an essential leadership skill
  • Make wellbeing & self-care a priority - sustain yourself over the long term
  • Build relationships with women in the APS & grow your network

Key Speakers

Claire Harrison
CEO, Coach, Business Strategist & Meditation Teacher
Speaker & Facilitator

What People Are Saying

  • “This course has helped me to uncover the why behind the behaviours which are stopping me from achieving my leadership potential. It has given me the tools to make positive and practical changes. This course made me actually reflect on my qualities and behaviours. I feel empowered to take action and make tangible changes to make improvements and hold myself accountable.”

    Colleen Pomeroy, Public Servant, Services Australia, May 2022
  • “Claire was an amazing presenter and the course was a great opportunity to reset and re-think how you work.”

    Melissa Appleby, Team Lead – Engage and Support, Department of Industry, Science and Resources, May 2022
  • “What a wonderful, inspiring masterclass. I came out of the course feeling energised, motivated and empowered. A great course for women who want to work on their personal development. I would like to thank Claire for a fantastic experience.”

    Sonia Vasileska, Change and Engagement Team Lead, GeoScience Australia, May 2022
  • “An amazing session where I have learnt so much and Claire has been absolutely brilliant, I truly have taken so much away from this and I have a lot to think about and implement moving forward. The content was very relevant, full of ah ha moments and I have truly learnt a lot.”

    Izabella Ditchfield, Team Leader, Department of Social Sciences, June 2022