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21st & 22nd July 2020
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Day 1 - Tuesday 21st July, 2020

Welcome remarks from the Chair
  • Virtual learning tips
  • Who’s in the ‘virtual’ room
  • Attendee learning goals
Cath Nolan
Principal Coach & Managing Director
Gender Gap Gone
FIRESIDE CHAT: Open Q&A – The Journey to CEO: Opportunities taken & challenges overcome
  • Learnings from a zig-zag career path
  • Myth busting on a successful move from CFO to CEO
  • Juggling work and family priorities
Susan Mitchell
Chief Executive Officer
Mortgage Choice
The role of men in empowering women in leadership
  • Working together to champion equality
  • Addressing and overcoming barriers of unconscious bias 
  • Creating an inclusive culture with a continued focus on change and growth
David Atkin
Chief Executive Officer
Cbus Super
Speed networking

In this fun, interactive session, meet fellow attendees and speakers in small groups. Get to know each other and set up value connections for the rest of the event and beyond!

Morning break
FIRESIDE CHAT: Open Q&A – Changing the monologue: Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Overcoming self doubt to strengthen self confidence
  • Understanding your value and convey your worth 
  • Be kind to yourself and let go of your inner perfectionist
Van Le
Co-Founder & Executive Board Director
Xinja Bank
Staying true to yourself & the organisation with Authentic Leadership
  • Define your authentic leadership identity
  • Lead with integrity and generate buy-in 
  • Keep true to yourself and celebrate your strengths and uniqueness
Vicki Doyle
Chief Executive Officer
PANEL DISCUSSION: What is the reality of work-life balance for leaders?

When it comes to work-life balance, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. What works for some may not work for all, especially in an environment with such diverse demands. In this discussion, explore the various ways to strike this essential balance, particularly in the stressful and time-poor banking and financial services industry.

  • Maintain balance without sacrificing ambition 
  • Juggle priorities and know when you can and can’t say ‘no’
  • Optimise your performance inside and outside of work
Alison O’Brien
Head of Merchant Services & Customer Success
Kathryn Van Der Merwe
Group Executive Talent & Culture
Jane McGovern
General Manager, Risk Management
Closing remarks from the Chair & close of Day One

Day 2 - Wednesday 22nd July, 2020

Opening remarks from the Chair
Cath Nolan
Principal Coach & Managing Director
Gender Gap Gone
KEYNOTE: Open Q&A – Fireside chat

Prior to her role at the Australian Banking Association Anna had a long and distinguished career in politics, most notably in the position of Premier of Queensland for almost 5 years. In this interview style session Anna will draw on her career and leadership experience to share vital lessons.

  • Leading with authenticity
  • Leadership learnings from Covid-19 and recent bushfires
  • Exploring the current economic climate and the impact on women
The Hon. Anna Bligh AC
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Banking Association
Seizing opportunity in the new banking & financial services climate
  • Learning from mistakes and overcoming the fear of failure
  • Understanding key opportunities and threats to success
  • A road-map for seizing untapped opportunities
Bernadette Inglis
Chief Executive Officer
Newcastle Permanent Building Society
VIRTUAL COACHING SESSION: Opportunity to gain insights from the experience of others

Participants will have the opportunity to share an existing, problematic workplace challenge. Using a group coaching model that incorporates Harvard Coaching research and the Google Design Sprint framework, together participants will work through the context and possible solutions to a real world problem. This is an opportunity to learn from the depth and experience of peers.

Morning break
Breaking the mould: How a non-traditional path can leverage your strengths in distinctive ways
  • Building the confidence to step outside your comfort zone
  • Play to your natural strengths and stand out and flourish in your career
  • Expect the unexpected and embrace change
Kate Farrar
Chief Executive Officer
LGIA Super
Being seen
  • Are you being seen for the right stuff? What do you want to be known for?
  • How can you get more comfortable with being seen?
  • How can you tweak your communication, so you’re truly heard, being seen for your best work?
Cath Nolan
Principal Coach & Managing Director
Gender Gap Gone
CASE STUDY: How more women in leadership can engender a culture of trust & transparency
  • Developing a supportive workplace environment that focuses on a culture of trust
  • Leading with integrity and communicating with transparency
  • Living your values to set the foundation for a grounded and confident leadership approach
  • Cultivate followership through trust and authenticity
Amanda Wood
Former Anti Money Laundering Chief of Westpac & Principal
Waterstone AML
Closing remarks from the Chair & close of conference
Workshop A: Managing Stress & Strengthening Resilience
Tuesday 21st July, 2:00pm - 5:00pm

What makes a person resilient? How are some people able to transform challenges into an opportunity for growth, whilst others struggle to adapt? Why do some people thrive & others burn out?

Resilience has become a corporate buzzword, but what does it actually mean, and how is it linked to our ability to manage and respond positively under stress?

In this interactive, action based workshop we’ll explore what resilience means, how to cultivate the habits that build it and understand how it’s linked to stress. We’ll explore the qualities of highly resilient people and identify the tools they use to thrive under pressure & bounce back from adversity. Resilience can be learnt, developed & strengthened, in this workshop you’ll learn how.

You’ll walk away with:

  • Practical tools that build your resilience
  • Strategies to break the stress cycle
  • Powerful mindset techniques to shift your thinking
  • A simple mindfulness practice to support you during stressful times
Claire Harrison
Executive Coach & Facilitator
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Key Speakers

The Hon. Anna Bligh AC
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Banking Association
Susan Mitchell
Chief Executive Officer
Mortgage Choice
David Atkin
Chief Executive Officer
Cbus Super
Van Le
Co-Founder & Executive Board Director
Xinja Bank