Half Day Online Seminar
Gain the tools to help you lead with courage both inside and outside of the classroom with certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator Michelle Holland
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Tuesday 28th February 2023
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Great teachers are great (and brave) leaders

School leaders and teachers are some of our most important leaders in the world.

Having the courage to show up and to be vulnerable as a leader can be challenging. But, it’s something that can be taught and ultimately, has the potential to transform your leadership and amplify your impact.

In this seminar, you will learn how to be braver as a leader in your interactions with other school leaders/teachers, students and their families. You will also explore ‘integration ideas’ - key concepts and tools that you can use to introduce brave leadership and Dare to Lead™ to your students, to help you build braver and safer classrooms.

Will you become a Brave Leader?
This interactive 3-hour Seminar will explore the key concepts of Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead™ and Daring Classrooms™ curriculum and provide a deep dive into the crucial skill set that leaders need to shape behaviours, influence performance and make difficult decisions easier.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unleash your leadership potential with the tools and strategies of one of the greatest leadership minds of our time. Become the leader your students and school community need you to be. Understand the concepts and tools created by Dr Brené Brown and her team, and gain actionable skills from one of her certified facilitators.

This seminar will not be recorded or available on-demand and is LIVE ONLY.

What is Dare to Lead™?

Based on the research of Dr Brené Brown, Dare to Lead™ is an empirically based courage-building program designed to be run by certified facilitators exclusively. Brené is a research professor at the University of Houston where she holds the Huffington Foundation – Brené Brown Endowed Chair at The Graduate College of Social Work.

She has spent the past two decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy, and most recently completed a seven-year study on courageous leadership. She is also the author of five #1 New York Times bestsellers including her blockbuster book Dare to Lead. This seminar is designed as a shortcut to Brené’s extended Dare to Lead™ curriculum, as well as our own best-selling Brave Leadership Masterclass and will explore its key concepts in a compact timeframe to optimise your professional development.

What can I expect from this online seminar?

  • A highly engaging and top-rated facilitator - Michelle is an expert in virtual facilitation and will keep you engaged and informed throughout this online Seminar. The numbers speak for themselves, after leading over 300 past delegates, Michelle has a current customer satisfaction rating of 95%.
  • Professional live online event delivery team and live IT support - We specialise in delivering online learning and have served thousands of customers. We have customised our offering to ensure all of your feedback is taken and actioned to provide the best possible experience for all customers.
  • One value-packed online session - Maximise your learning and your time through one in-depth session and ask live questions to certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator.
  • A toolkit of takeaway resources - Walk away with a toolkit of practical resources, frameworks, tools that you will be able to implement immediately in your role.

  • Who will attend?

    This seminar is designed for School Leaders and Educators in secondary and primary schools looking to improve their effectiveness, influence and overall performance through research-backed leadership tools.

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    Groups of 10 save 10% | Groups of 20 save 20%

    What will you take away?

    • Understand courageous leadership and how it drives high performance and builds trust to create a stronger school community
    • Remove your barriers to courage by identifying the “armour” you wear at work
    • Understand how to build brave spaces for students to learn and flourish
    • Gain knowledge of the four skill sets that make a brave leader
    • Take a deep dive into the values skill set to become a reliable, confident and effective school and classroom leader

    Key Speakers

    Michelle Holland
    Certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator & Director
    Synergy IQ