Practical tips & tools to influence decision-makers with data

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From data to influence – How do you tell a story with data & influence key stakeholders?

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To be successful in any government organisation, people not only need to be able to discover and understand new insights, but they also need to communicate those insights effectively.

Begin your journey into the world of Data Visualisation and Data Storytelling with this engaging and educational session. Designed to help build an understanding on how to effectively leverage techniques of engagement, information presentation, and design thinking, to establish effective Data Visualisation. Attendees will develop skills that will help improve the effectiveness of anyone who needs to communicate information and insights with colleagues, peers, and the world.

This Data Visualisation session will use a combination of inspirational and informative examples of world-class Data Visualisations, along with easy to understand Data Visualisation and communication techniques, to help attendees gain high-level insights on how to use Data Visualisation frameworks and apply tips-and-tricks to develop Data Visualisations that will engage, entertain and inspire future decision makers.

Attendees will participate in some team activities and will walk through an example of the end-to-end process of developing an Interactive Business focused Dashboard, using the industry leading Data Visualisation software.

Join expert data visualisation specialist Paul Hodge to gain new skills or refine your existing skills in the core elements of successful data storytelling including engagement, presentation and design thinking. On the back of a sold out workshop, Paul will expand on these core elements to support you with the skills to leverage data in new ways and for greater influence.

This workshop is in high demand. Paul has delivered 12 SOLD OUT workshops on Data Storytelling & Visualisation with the Hatchery from 2020-2021. Be sure to book your spot before the workshop sells out!

What can I expect from a virtual workshop?

• The support and guidance of a data visualisation expert – Ask your questions and work through challenges

• Module-based learning – Giving you the time to digest the content and put new skills and methods into practice between module one, two and three

• Professional online event delivery team and live IT support: This isn’t our first rodeo. We specialise in delivering online learning and have served thousands of customers. Our live event delivery team will be online with you to address any IT challenges and support

Who will attend?

Federal, state and local government representatives. This workshop is ideal for anyone with a role or responsibility for representing or communicating insights or concepts using data and want to improve their Data Storytelling capabilities. The workshop is well suited to those with roles and responsibilities for:

• Business Analysis
• Data & Analytics
• Business Intelligence
• Statistical Analysis
• Research & Reporting
• Performance & Strategy

This workshop is designed as an introduction. A basic understanding of how to use Excel would be an advantage but is not necessary.

Attend to learn:

  • Why Data Storytelling and Data Visualisation are powerful organisational tools
  • Understand the principles of engagement, information presentation, and user-centric design for creating effective data visualisations
  • Data Visualisation tips and techniques that can be applied in the real-world
  • Explore the end-to-end development of an interactive business-focused dashboard