15 Nov - 13 Dec 2023
Live Stream
Public Sector

Delivering Effective Policy Masterclass Series

Accelerating your capability & capacity to deliver effective policy

Learn how to:

plan before you write

clarify what you are aiming for when you are writing

write for different audiences

recognise good writing and avoid common problems

be clearer and more concise

use structure to make it easier for your


The process will include whole-group discussions as well as a lot of individual and group activities.

Note: We recommend that participants submit a short (no more than one page) example of their writing in advance so the facilitator can tailor the content to suit. You will also have the opportunity to practise and analyse your writing during the masterclass.

‘Your writing says a lot about you. It shows how organised you are, how thorough you are, and how skilled you are at presenting a case your readers will find clear, interesting and convincing. Every piece of writing you do gives you the chance to contribute to the objectives of your organisation – and gives you a chance to shine.’

– Bev Sullivan, Owner, Credence Consulting