Know how your emotions are affecting your behaviour & career
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Monday 14th February 2022, 9:30am-1pm AEDT
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Understand why emotional intelligence is critical to career success

Previously referred to as a ‘soft skill’, emotional intelligence is now considered the critical skill you need to fast track your career and
influence those around you
. Emotional intelligence is the glue that binds organisational culture and enables cross team collaboration.
It’s the talent that underpins business acumen, supporting you to recognise how others perceive you. It also allows you to elegantly
influence and accurately read a room while managing your emotional state.

We operate in increasingly complex and competitive environments. Organisations and the people in them are desperately trying to
achieve more with less resources and with greater pressure. Many organisations are challenged with engaging employees during rapid
change and constant uncertainty. Raising productivity and integrating new approaches demands greater flexibility, psychological safety,
cultural sensitivity and collaboration. Those who create and sustain strong career growth in this climate engage hearts and minds
while managing complex and often competing agendas with savvy and awareness.

In this engaging and insightful seminar, you will understand what makes emotional intelligence so critical to career success and how
people at the forefront of emotionally intelligent behaviours can capitalise on this advantage.

What can I expect from ‘An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence’ Seminar?

  • A highly engaging and top-rated facilitator: Ros is an expert in virtual facilitation and will keep you engaged and informed
    throughout this online seminar. Past attendees rave about her style and energy, as proven by her current customer
    satisfaction rating of 100%.
  • Professional live online event delivery team and live IT support: This isn’t our first rodeo. We specialise in delivering online
    learning and have served thousands of customers. We have customised our offering to ensure all of your feedback is taken
    and actioned to provide the best possible experience for all customers.
  • One value-packed online session: Maximise your learning and your time through one in-depth session and get direct
    feedback from an expert in emotional intelligence.
  • Experimental activities with your peers: Participate in breakout sessions throughout the seminar and connect with your
    peers to reflect on the key learnings.
  • A toolkit of takeaway resources: Walk away with a toolkit of practical resources that you will be able to implement
    immediately in your role.
  • Access and engage in real time anywhere in Australia and on any device. This seminar is accessible on your computer,
    mobile or tablet using Zoom Meetings through your browser or smart app.
  • Refresh your memory after the event and watch live content on demand. Keep fully engaged throughout the seminar
    without the need to take notes and with full confidence that you will not miss a thing.
  • Lower your carbon footprint by minimising travel and emissions costs. Save the environment and the cost of travel and
    accommodation by attending this event virtually.

Who is this for?

This seminar is designed for aspiring, emerging and established leaders looking to improve their effectiveness, influence and overall
performance using emotional intelligence.

Meet your facilitator

Rosalinda is proud to be one of the world’s leading experts in emotional intelligence providing
accreditation and training globally. As an experienced Organisation Development consultant Rosalinda
specialises in corporate culture, leadership development, executive recruitment and executive coaching.
Through the successful business Rosalinda founded with her husband 20 years ago, they consult to
ASX, large corporations and the government, satisfying their curiosity and desire to engage with inspired
leaders. Both truly believe in partnerships, authentic connections, and building internal capability to
ensure cultural change is embedded. Rosalinda is passionate about women in sport. An experienced
community cricketer and premiership coach, she is currently Chair of the All Girls Cricket Competition
which is heading into its ninth season and provides the opportunity for almost 700 girls to play cricket in
the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

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Attend to learn:

  • Define Emotional Intelligence (EI) using the most prominent EI assessment in the world
  • Learn how EI underpins your ability to transform in your role
  • Recognise combinations of EI competencies that support and derail behaviours
  • Discuss what career progression looks like from an EI perspective