Uncover your authentic values & transform your leadership
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26 September 2022, 9:00am - 12:30pm AEST
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Find out what you stand for as a leader
How do some leaders seem to build committed teams in even the most complex and ambiguous situations?

The answer is not in new processes and policies or skillful communications that dazzle their people. The key element great leaders share is having absolute clarity in their purpose as a leader. They know the type of leader they aspire to become and are clear on the actions and commitments they must uphold to get there. It is an alignment between high-level aspiration and day-to-day actions that creates authenticity and builds the trust leaders need to succeed.

This seminar is designed to take you on this journey to understand your authentic aspirations and ambitions to develop the skills needed to serve your people and a set of clear actions that will put you on the path to leading with authentic intention.

Do not miss this fantastic opportunity to upskill and facilitate your career growth!

Who should attend?

This seminar is relevant for aspiring, emerging and existing leaders from all sectors. Leaders looking to build their confidence, deepen their self- awareness and commit to becoming an authentic leader:

  • Managers through to senior leadership
  • Early career and emerging leaders
  • Learning and development practitioners
  • Consultants and leadership coaches

  • What can I expect from this virtual seminar?

    • A highly experienced and top-rated facilitator: Daniel is an expert in virtual facilitation and will keep you engaged and informed throughout this online seminar. Past attendees rave about his authentic and down to earth style, as well as his technical excellence in online facilitation, as proven by his current customer satisfaction rating of 98%.
    • One value-packed online session: Maximise your learning and your time through one in-depth session with a leadership expert.
    • A takeaway action plan: Walk away with an action plan that you will be able to implement immediately in your role
    • Refresh your memory after the event and watch live content on demand: Keep fully engaged throughout the seminar without the need to take notes and with full confidence that you will not miss a thing.
    • Watch live content on demand: Keep engaged throughout the seminar without the need to take notes and with full confidence that you will not miss a thing.

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    What will you take away?

    • Develop clarity on your ambition to become an authentic & values-driven leader
    • Gain confidence in the principles that will guide your decisions
    • Align your values with clear commitments to embed consistency & efficiency in your workplace
    • Build trust & understanding that inspires commitment in your people

    Key Speakers

    Daniel Murray
    Founder & Director
    Empathetic Consulting

    What People Are Saying

    • “I love the way Daniel brought fresh perspectives to leadership and teams with useful tools which can directly help change the way people feel about their work.”

      Accounts Officer, Australian Antarctic Division, APS 5-6 Leadership & Professional Excellence, May 2022
    • “Great course for all, no matter what your leadership experience is, this course provides new tools and a new outlook on how leaders will be shaped into the future.”

      Wholesale Manager, Royal Australian Mint, APS 5-6 Leadership & Professional Excellence, May 2022
    • “Fantastic presenter, great content and I’ve been equipped with some highly useful models that I’ll be able to use on a regular basis.”

      Parliamentary Document Management System Administrator, Department of Education Skills and Employment, APS 5-6 Leadership & Professional Excellence Masterclass, April 2022