30 Aug 2024

Banish confidence killers & say goodbye to self-doubt

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How does self-doubt manifest? And…what can you do about it?

Self-confidence is an action but most of us believe it’s a feeling. And so, we often believe we need to feel confident before doing something. This seminar will help you manage self-doubt and navigate confidence killers both professionally and personally.  

Explore how internal factors such as critical self-talk and rumination hurt our confidence and explore why the business of self-improvement is disproportionately directed at women. Take this opportunity to invest in yourself and overcome external factors such as bias and likeability traps. 

Let’s normalise self-doubt. Let’s normalise negative feelings. Let’s learn to stop the self-blame. Let’s learn that we’re not the problem and we’re not the sole solution either. 

Join Maja in this seminar to learn the truth about confidence. Learn what it is and what it isn’t, the myths that surround it and the tools to increase it in your life.

Learn how to

How to turn the dial down on critical self-talk

How confidence myths influence our self-sabotaging behaviours

How to navigate and recognise internal and external obstacles to our confidence

How to re-evaluate your inner critic and build confidence through micro-actions and self-kindness

How to stop self-sabotaging behaviours

How bias and likeability traps erode women’s confidence

Meet your facilitator

Professor Maja (She/Her)

Sociologist, Author, TEDx Speaker & Confidence-Builder

I am a sociologist, author and TEDx speaker.

I’m also a confidence-builder and apology-hater. I graduated with a Ph.D. in Sociology in 2014 (focusing on the sociology of women’s health), with no clear career in mind, until I attended an academic conference that completely changed the trajectory of my research, my career and my life.

Your event experience

  • Learn from the world’s foremost expert and researcher on gendered confidence inhibitors
  • Real-world learning with practical examples and case studies
  • Walk away with a toolkit of practical resources, frameworks, tools that you will be able to implement immediately in both your
  • Professional and personal life
  • Inspiring and practical: Brimming with “ah ha!” moments, you will leave this seminar feeling empowered, equipped and energised

Who will attend

Aspiring, emerging, and existing female leaders from all sectors. If you want to put self-doubt to bed, boost or transform your confidence at work, or simply get greater self-awareness – this seminar is for you. 

  • Manager through to senior leadership
  • Early career & emerging female leaders
  • Learning & development practitioners
  • Consultants, lifestyle & leadership coaches
  • Women returning to work from leave (maternity or other)
  • Women in a period of transition


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