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Thursday 28th January 2021 (12:30pm - 4:20pm AEDT)
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Red Telephone Boxes or Interstellar Tardises… Are traditional Residential Aged Care and Home Care business models doomed to failure or continued demise?

Traditional programmatic residential aged care and home care organisations and their service – business models are Red Telephone Boxes. Typically they are governed by Boards who are either:

1. Walking backwards into the future, looking at their glorious past, therefore being leaders of resisting organisations, or

2. Have fallen in love with their shadow, which does not reflect their true form, and are therefore leaders of following organisations.

However, disruptive organisations, known for their unique service models, innovative business models and strategic success and financial sustainability are becoming Interstellar Tardises, more commonly referred to as leading organisations.

The Boards and Chief Executives of leading aged care operators have not just adapted to the customer driven, competitive marketplace of aged care and health care, but are transcending the programmatic principles and parameters of Commonwealth government mandated aged care service standards, quality and funding.

This seminar explores the current and emergent industry and organisational strategic drivers, forces and trends that will propel leading organisations, and how these factors will challenge and limit slow moving and resisting aged care operators.

It is clear, given the current state of the industry and the declining position of the majority of residential care and home care organisations – there are only a few industry and organisational scenarios and associated strategic options that will play out.

As you plan for the year ahead, join Michael Goldsworthy for this insightful, thought provoking and practical seminar, that should leave you with not only ideas and considerations for 2021, but a strong sense of urgency to either continue maintaining your Red Telephone Box or fly your Interstellar Tardis.

Who should attend

Directors, Chief Executive Officers and Executives - particularly those who are interested in firstly focusing on the customers and markets of tomorrow, and secondly the emerging new world of aged care and its place in the Australian health system.

Why attend this seminar?

  • Understand the current aged care landscape and the macro factors affecting the sector including - The proposed Royal Commission Recommendations, Department of Health Reforms, the implications of COVID-19 and changing market perceptions and expectations
  • Consider how the aged care sector will have to adapt, and how your organisation is positioned to transition and respond to emerging challenges, risks and opportunities with guidance from an industry expert
  • Walk away with ideas to re-engineer your business for the future and a plan to engage your Board, CEO or Executives to take action

Key Speakers

Michael Goldsworthy
Chair, Better Boards
Principal Consultant, Australian Strategic Services