Making Great Leaders: Transition from manager to leader effectively and fast-track your leadership and people management skills
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27, 28 February & 1 March 2023
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Unlock the foundations of leadership today and demonstrate the outcomes tomorrow
Being a leader is harder than it looks
Leadership doesn’t come with a step by step manual. Much of it is based on experience and learning through personal trial and error. Sure, there are plenty of books on leadership and everyone around you will have a great tip or trick to share, but generally speaking, it’s hard to put these types of lessons into practice.

Do these scenarios feel familiar to you?
1. Do you sometimes feel swamped by all the administration, emails and requests that you have to juggle?
2. Would you like to be a better leader for your team but are overwhelmed by the basics of the day to day?
3. Have you recently transitioned from peer to manager and are finding the shift challenging?
4. Are you looking to help yourself, your team & your organisation to perform to the highest potential?
5. Do you struggle to connect with the people you are leading or sometimes doubt how best to deliver messages or feedback?
6. Do you ever feel lonely or isolated as a leader?

Being a leader gets even harder if you are actually leading (and not just managing) a team.
Before you managed a team - you were one of them - but now you need to deliver results and inspire others autonomously (whilst simultaneously working as part of the team).

Leading effectively is hard work, especially when you haven’t had the training or support you need to do it well. Many leaders The Hatchery spoke to when researching this program told us they felt like they didn’t even have the basics of good management ‘locked down’, let alone the skills to lead by example. Here’s where this course can help.

The masterclass leaders have worked hard to create and tailor a program to help set you up for success with the foundations every great leader needs. With these skills under your belt, you will have everything you need to move forward.

The ‘Leadership Essentials Program’ will allow you to improve your Leadership & People Management skills regardless of your current level or your experience. Register to attend and commit to transforming how you lead today and into the future.

This course focuses on practical management and best practice management essentials that you can adapt to your workplace immediately.

Why should I choose this masterclass?

• It’s built with your leadership needs in mind: This Masterclass is designed to provide the learning, training, concepts and structure every new leader needs to take charge of their growth. Don’t look elsewhere to find answers to your leadership questions.
• Forge new connections and a support network of emerging leaders: You’ll get the chance to collaborate and problem-solve with a new network of like-minded professionals, with many support networks continuing beyond the program as lasting relationships.
• A toolkit to take away: Walk away with a toolkit of practical resources, frameworks, shortcuts and hacks that you will be able to implement immediately to assist your leadership development journey and career progression goals.

Is this course for me?

Attendees will be aspiring, emerging & existing leaders across the APS in APS4 - APS6 roles such as:
• New leaders/managers/ those about to transition into a management role
• Those engaged in Project, Policy and Program based roles
• Officers
• Senior Officers
• Managers
• Team Leaders
• Advisors
• Coordinators
• Advisers/Advisors
• Support

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Augment and hone your leadership skills and capabilities
  • Put into practice the foundational leadership skills required to advance your career
  • Build and sustain positive relationships with your team and other key stakeholders
  • Actively listen to team members and stakeholders
  • Learn how to be effective not just busy
  • Provide constructive and regular feedback and feel confident with how to frame constructive feedback
  • Deal with under-performance promptly and effectively and avoid procrastination
  • Set clear expectations and pathways for team performance
  • Reflect on your own behaviour and recognise the impact you have on others as their leader
  • Initiate and develop team goals and plans and use feedback to inform future planning

Key Speakers

Linda Manaena & Nicole Stafford
LeaderLab Global

What People Are Saying

  • “Great interactive program, run brilliantly in a virtual environment. Good information and resources.”

    Samantha Hughes, Public Servant,Department of Agriculture
    Water and the Environment - Australian Federal Government, February 2022
  • “Completely engaged for the duration. Looking forward to putting everything I learned into practice.”

    Gillian Blake, Senior Business Support Officer
    Department of Veterans’ Affairs, February 2022
  • “I am excited to implement the skills, tips and techniques I learnt from this Masterclass, and I can see how they will make a tangible difference to my professional and personal life.”

    Sarah Esau, Public Servant
    Australian Securities and Investments Commission, July 2022
  • “This course has given me the skills and techniques to lead with confidence”

    Wendy Thorne, Senior Program manager
    Department of Education – Australian Federal Government, July 2022