Strengthen team culture, capability & executive leadership performance
Success for any organisation is determined by the quality of its people, and the ability to work together in high performing teams. Modern times require strategic leaders, engaged employees and the team's full commitment to success. But as a leader you simply can’t be everywhere. This is why the culture of your team, the way they act, behave and make decisions when you are not around, is critical to long-term success. Strategies and values are just words on paper. Rubber really hits the road when these plans are put into execution. This is where clarity, empathy and leadership become critical drivers of performance. 

The focus for the Building High Performing Teams for Public Sector Leaders masterclass is to ensure you have the skills and capabilities to translate your organisational strategy into the systems, processes and culture to deliver results. How do you inspire your people? Engaging them on the organisational values and ensuring these become the daily behavioural norms. This masterclass will equip you with the strategies to manage the tangible elements of your team and the skills to build a high performance culture. By aligning both the tangible and intangible elements of team performance, this course will provide you, and leaders like you, with the full toolkit to build and lead a high performing team.

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What can I expect from this digital Masterclass?
Even though we are going digital don’t worry - you won’t miss out on any of the benefits of a face to face event! Here’s what you can expect:
  • Highly interactive learning - Designed to give you all the same interactive and hands-on learning experiences you normally would, you won’t be a passive observer in this Masterclass. Be an active participant through small group breakout sessions, Q&A and scenario based discussions!
  • Build new connections & a support network of like-minded peers - You’ll get the chance to collaborate and problem-solve with a new network of APS professionals, all with a special interest in growing high performing teams.
  • Module-based learning - Split over three learning modules, participants will have time to digest new learnings, think of further questions and put new skills and tools into practice between sessions.
  • Easy to use digital resources - Walk away with a suite of resources and materials for you and your team 
  • Personalised learning - With a maximum of 20 participants, you will have the opportunity to share your personal objectives, have 1-1 discussions with the facilitator and receive personalised feedback and insights
Who will attend?
This Masterclass is designed for Federal, State and Local Government professionals in mid to senior management roles with responsibilities for managing people, teams or projects. 

Benefits of attending

  • Explore the key elements of a high performing team, and the critical role of leadership
  • Learn how to create greater clarity and understanding within your team
  • Understand how to set guiding principles and the right expectations
  • Discuss how to build commitment with empathy and trust
  • Uncover how to shape rituals for results
  • Advance your skills in delivering feedback and managing team performance

Key Speakers

Daniel Murray
Chief Executive Officer
Empathic Consulting

What People Are Saying

  • “….very well presented and gave me some important information on how to develop my leadership within the APS context. I would encourage supervisors to identify people in your team that want to professionally develop and give them the opportunity to participate in these events.”

    Beau Byers, Murray-Darling Basin Authority - July 2020
  • “A great balance of information, experiences and examples to help support the key principles discussed. Daniel was responsive to the participants, invited engagement and shared analogies that supported the concepts covered. Excellent content.”

    Jonathon Maile, South Metropolitan TAFE - July 2020
  • “Daniel is an excellent presenter with relevant and interesting stories that highlight his main points. There is much to take away from this course.”

    David Flaxman, Department of Education & Training NSW - July 2020