Drive and sustain high performing and purpose-driven teams with empathetic and intuitive leadership
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Wednesday 18 - Friday 20 January 2023
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Strengthen team culture, communication, capability & executive leadership performance
Strong leadership in the NFP sector is essential to driving strategy, retaining employees, responding to fast-changing environments and ensuring the trust of donors, governments and clients is sustained.

As a leader, it’s critical that you understand when and how to align positive forms of leadership, external/environmental factors and organisational values to maximize available resources. All of this plays out in terms of how a team performs and how leaders harness team performance through effective, compassionate and positive leadership.

Modern times require strategic leaders, engaged employees and the team’s full commitment to success. But as a leader you simply can’t be everywhere. This is why the culture of your team and the way they act, behave and make decisions when you are not around is critical to long term success.

Members of effective teams share a sense of common purpose, a clear team vision and understand their role in relation to the organization’s success. An ineffective team can impact morale, staff confidence, and consume precious organizational resources.

This three-part uncapped masterclass will guide you as a leader through a journey to transform the cohesion and culture within your team to ensure that you are confident in how to strengthen capability and amplify performance.

Challenges that have arisen as a result of the pandemic will also be addressed such as remote and hybrid working, retaining and motivating and the challenge of finding talented workers who are the right fit for your organisation and who are connected to your organisation’s purpose.

This masterclass will equip you with both the strategies to manage the day-to-day performance of your team and the skills to build a highly sustainable performance culture. By aligning both the tangible and intangible elements of team performance, this course will provide you with the full toolkit to build and lead a high performing team.

This masterclass is:

• Led by one of our top-rated facilitators: Daniel has coached 450+ of our customers with an average customer satisfaction rating of 99%
• Interactive and hands on: Work in groups to find solutions to your specific challenges and gain advice from our facilitator
• Structured for maximum learning impact: With an agenda designed to meet your leadership needs

What can I expect from this online Masterclass?

• Highly interactive learning: Designed to give you all the same interactive and hands-on learning experiences as being in the room together, you won’t be a passive observer in this Masterclass. You’ll join group breakout sessions and have opportunities for Q&A with the facilitator.
• Build new connections and a support network of like-minded peers: You’ll get the chance to collaborate and problem-solve with a new network of Aged Care leaders. Each participant will work in small groups throughout the modules to provide support, advice and networking between sessions, with many support networks continuing beyond the program as lasting relationships.
• A toolkit of takeaway resources: Walk away with a toolkit of practical resources, frameworks and hacks that you will be able to implement immediately to assist your leadership development journey and career progression goals.

Who will attend?

This Masterclass is designed for Not-For-Profit professionals in mid to senior management roles with responsibilities for managing people, teams, programs or projects.

Benefits of attending

  • Learn the key elements of building a high performing team, and the critical role of leadership
  • Create greater clarity and understanding within your team
  • Strengthen team communication, connection and cohesion to drive performance
  • Understand how to set guiding principles and the right expectations
  • Discuss how to build commitment with empathy and trust
  • Uncover how to better plan and manage risks in your team
  • Advance your skills in delivering feedback and managing team performance
  • Manage performance remotely and understand how to connect with and inspire hybrid teams

Key Speakers

Daniel Murray
Founder & Director
Empathic Consulting

What People Are Saying

  • “This Masterclass was one of the best I have attended. It was informative, practical, and clearly presented. I was able to go away with a handful of tools to use and easily apply them in any situation I find myself in. Thanks to the Hatchery team for making this so easy to be a part of and to Daniel for a great presentation.”

    Darren Nosworthy
    Development Coordinator, TIPACL inc, February 2021
  • “I found the program to be a great benefit to further developing my leadership style and to improve the performance of my team. I am looking forward to adopting some of the strategies and tools suggested in this course.”

    Tony Mannweiler
    Contract and Performance Manager, The GEO Group Australia, February 2021
  • “I found this course to be really useful – it was easy to see how the theory could be applied in practice. The content was well structured and I really enjoyed Daniel’s presenting style. I also enjoyed meeting people from other organisations in the breakout sessions. I would definitely recommend this course to others.”

    Anya Hodson
    Community Programs Manager, Leukaemia Foundation, February 2021