with Boris Groysberg, Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
Conference Date
Tuesday 16th March 2021, 9:30am - 1:00pm AEDT
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How the Harvard Case Method Works

This seminar is structured around an interactive lecture and case study. The HBS case method is an innovative teaching model widely-used by the HBS faculty..

Attendees will be presented with a case study on real life organisational challenges and put in the role of the decision maker, tasked with reading the situation, identifying and analysing the problem and presenting a set of recommendations. This will be done through a dynamic learning experience where participants will have the opportunity to exchange perspectives with peers, build and compare ideas and debate issues while Professor Groysberg steers conversation and poses questions to the group. This experience will be enriched by Professor Groysberg’s experience and the diversity of attendees in the room from very different roles and organisations.

Pre-event requirements

To maximise your learning experience and ability to participate in the interactive discussions delegates are required to prepare for the seminar in advance by reading the chosen case study and working on the relevant assignment questions. Delegates will be sent all required materials at least one week prior to the event running.