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25th & 27th August 2020
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Leverage insights from people data to make a real impact 
Data analytics has emerged as the cornerstone of decision making across the public sector. It creates opportunities to make more robust decisions, uncover cost savings and get to know your stakeholders better, especially when applied to a human resources context. Data skills are an essential tool for thriving human resources professionals. However it can often be overwhelming to know where to start, what metrics to use and how to leverage insights from people data. 

Build your confidence and skills with data.
This practical course has been designed to help you navigate the world of people data so you can produce meaningful insights for your leaders, and to collaborate with leadership to make data informed decisions about your workforce. Understand how to use quantitative and qualitative data to transform information about your people into actionable intelligence. Have your say in polls and interactive Q&A 

Shape your own learning experience.
Have your say through polls and actively select topics for in-depth discussion. Then apply your learnings to your organisational context through a Homework Assignment, and open discussions and Q&A throughout the Masterclass.

Who should attend?
Representatives from Federal & State Departments and Agencies with responsibilities for:
  • Human Resources
  • People & Culture
  • HR Business Partners 
  • HR Analysts 
  • Workforce Analysts 
  • Workforce Planners

What can I expect from this virtual Masterclass?

A personalised learning experience
With a maximum of 25 participants, you will have the opportunity to get real time advice, personalised feedback and have 1 on 1 discussions with the facilitator. Direct your own learning and choose topics for more in depth discussion based on your organisational needs and gaps in knowledge. Refresh your knowledge at any time with the opportunity to review all Masterclass materials on-demand after the event.   

Networking opportunities with like-minded peers
Collaborate, problem solve and grow your confidence in data skills with a new network of like-minded peers from other public sector organisations. Grow your professional network and set up valuable connections beyond this Masterclass.   

Highly interactive module-based learning
Designed to give you all the same interactive and hands-on learning experiences you would expect from an in-person event, you won’t be a passive observer in this Masterclass. Be an active participant through small group breakout sessions, Q&A and in depth case studies. Split over two learning modules you will have time to digest new learnings, think of further questions and put new skills and tools into practice between sessions.

Ready to implement strategies
Apply your learnings from Session 1 to a practical Homework Assignment and consider how your learnings can be tailored to your organisational context. Walk away with a toolkit of practical resources and four key workforce measures that every organisation has access to inform decision making about your people.

  • Actionable approaches to transform data into information and information into insights about your people
  • Practical techniques to work with imperfect or ‘dirty’ data
  • Key terminology that will help you talk data to your leaders & inspire them to act on your recommendations
  • A simple but powerful way of using four workforce measures every organisation has available to tell a story that can inform decision making

Key Speakers

Tess Walton
Strategic Workforce Planning Consultant & Coach