Develop the skills to conduct complex regulatory interviews


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Conducting an interview of a witness or a person of interest in connection with a regulatory offence is a skill that is learned and honed over time. A good interview is not just about the questions you ask. In order to conduct a procedurally fair interview, it is important to understand the several separate components of an interview and how they work together to achieve a better interview.

This masterclass is designed to highlight and demonstrate the essential components that must be known by those looking to undertake interviews for regulatory matters and how those components are dependent upon each other for success. Join our expert facilitator Peter Moroney for an in-depth masterclass underpinned with interactive activities for participants to test their knowledge learned from the course.

What can I expect from this Masterclass?

• The support and guidance of an expert & peers: With a maximum of 25 participants, in this intimate and hands-on Masterclass you will have the opportunity to have direct discussions with the facilitator and other participants and receive feedback on how to improve your investigative interviewing skills and capability.
• Small group-based problem: Real world learning with practical examples, case studies & activity sessions to translate theory into practice. Be an active participant through small group breakout sessions, Q&A and scenario based discussions! Split over three learning modules participants will have time to digest new learnings, think of further questions and put new skills and tools into practice between sessions.
• Networking opportunities: Build new connections with like minded peers in a small group setting. You’ll get the chance to collaborate and problem-solve with a new network of like-minded regulatory professionals, all with a special interest in investigations.
• Resources to walk away with: Walk away with a toolkit of practical resources, frameworks, and techniques that you and your team will be able to implement immediately to strengthen your investigation outcomes.

Who should attend?

Anyone in a regulatory role from a Federal, State or Local Government regulatory agency who is required to conduct interviews with complaints, witnesses or people suspected of committing serious regulatory offences then this is for you.
Relevant roles may include:
• Investigations
• Rangers
• Compliance
• Enforcement
• Regulatory practice & operations
• Inspections
• Prosecutions
• Legal
• Local laws officers
• Audit

What will you take away?

  • Understand the relevance of the Evidence Act in interviewing
  • Learn how to interpret regulatory legislation and identify the elements of an offence
  • How to develop complex interview plans (witness / persons of interest)
  • Procedural Fairness and managing third parties
  • Skills to conduct witness and person of interest interviews

Key Speakers

Peter Moroney
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Institute for Security & Investigation Training