Two Part Web Series
Case studies & strategic insights for Aged Care Providers
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Monday 15th & 22nd March 2021
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The release of the Aged Care Royal Commission’s Final Report is a pivotal moment for the sector. Throughout the Royal Commission, the Commissioners haven’t held back in their critique of the struggles facing the sector and its failings in caring for older Australians. After countless government reviews and reforms, years of media scrutiny, and public outcry over quality failures, including the tragic outbreaks of COVID-19, this is the moment for transformative change. But change doesn’t come easy.

While there is an expectation that a significant government response will be needed, providers cannot escape the burden of responsibility that falls on them to respond appropriately and to build a better future.

As we’ve seen in the aftermath of other Royal Commissions, such as the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, and the Financial Services Royal Commission, this is not an easy road for organisations to navigate. While there’s no road map, there are valuable lessons that Aged Care providers can learn from the many organisations involved in these Royal Commissions that have undergone changes in leadership and governance structures, policy re-writes and new operational frameworks, not to mention the work of rebuilding trust with consumers.

This 2 part Web Series brings together aged care experts and out of sector leaders who have journeyed through previous Royal Commissions, to share their strategic insights and practical advice tested through their own experiences. It is a unique opportunity for aged care providers to inform and enhance their organisational response to the Royal Commission.

Who should attend?
Leaders, Executives and Board Members from Home and Residential Aged Care Providers

What this event will NOT cover
This Web Series will not cover content or recommendations of the Final Report in great detail. Rather, it is designed to inform & workshop your organisational response with practical case studies and strategic discussion drawing from previous Royal Commissions.

For analysis and in depth insights around the Final Report, we invite you to attend our upcoming COTA & ACSA Governance in Aged Care: Beyond the Royal Commission online conference, running on the 14th & 15th April 2021.

What will you take away?

  • Practical learnings from three case studies from two previous Royal Commissions (Financial Services & Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse)
  • Advice & answers to your questions from experienced out of sector leaders about how to move forward following a Royal Commission: overcoming real challenges & taking it as an opportunity to build back stronger
  • Guidance from industry & legal experts to help develop your strategic response to the Aged Care Royal Commission
  • Tips & ideas to rebuild trust & bring your staff & consumers along with you in working towards positive change

Key Speakers

Klaus Zimmermann
Non-Executive Director & Deputy Chair
Wendy Robinson
Senior Consultant Transformation & Strategic Change
Indigo Tower
Lisa Giacomelli
Director, Child, Youth & Family NSW/ACT, Life Without Barriers
Former Chief Operating Officer, YMCA NSW
Matthew Harding
HWL Ebsworth