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Understanding & safeguarding against emerging psychosocial risks

As the world of work is rapidly transforming through automation, technological advancement and global competition, job demands are shifting from being physical in nature to more cognitively demanding. While established organisations have decades of experience in managing physical hazards, many are less prepared to confidently ensure a psychologically safe work environment. Never has this been clearer than during the COVID-19 pandemic, as work has shifted online and out of the office, bringing a new set of mental health challenges.

The burden is on organisations to understand and effectively address emerging psychosocial risks and hazards. This requires tailored approaches that take stock of factors including job design, management contexts, and all aspects of the work environment that have the potential to cause harm.

Join leading researcher & consultant psychologist Dr Tessa Bailey to unpack and explore case studies utilising the Psychosocial Safety Climate (PSC) Framework for best practice psychosocial risk assessment and intervention design. Upskill to strengthen your psychosocial risk assessment and hazard management processes, and ensure your organisation is equipped to manage psychosocial factors.

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What can I expect from this workshop?

The support and guidance of an expert – Explore current best practice and unpack your organisation’s challenges with advice from Dr Tessa Bailey

• Small group-based problem-solving activity sessions to translate theory into practice

• Real-world learning with practical examples and case studies

Networking opportunities – Build new connections with likeminded peers in a small group setting

Module-based learning – Giving you the time to digest the content, think about how to implement your learnings and come back with more questions between Session One and Session Two

Resources, tools and templates to walk away with – including tools and frameworks to implement best practice psychosocial risk management in your organisation

Who should attend?

Leaders from Federal, State & Local Government with responsibility for:

• Occupational Health and Safety
• Work Health and Safety
• Health and Wellbeing
• People and Culture
• Human Resources
• Employee Assistance Program

Attend to learn:

  • Knowledge and capability to apply psychosocial risk prevention practices in your organisation
  • Understanding of the benefits of implementing systems for psychosocial hazard management
  • Plans and advice to implement a psychosocial risk assessment and identify priority targets
  • Evidence based approaches and skills to utilise the Psychosocial Safety Climate (PSC) Framework for best practice psychosocial risk assessment and intervention design