Understand and overcome self-doubt to realise your full potential
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Tuesday 31 January 2023 | 9:45am - 1:00pm AEDT
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Understand and overcome self-doubt to realise your full potential

It is well documented that men tend to apply for a job when they meet just 60% of the criteria, whereas women will only apply when they meet 100%. While it is perfectly natural for most people to feel a lack of confidence when starting in a new role, women have a higher tendency to not feel “good enough”, which can lead to undervaluing yourself and feeling like you don’t belong.

This is the highly problematic imposter syndrome.

At least two significant studies in the Australian marketplace have underpinned the prevalence of imposter syndrome in 2022:

An Asana study revealed that 45% of workers suffer from both burnout and imposter syndrome. A 2022 The Hub Spot report showed that 80% of men experience imposter syndrome, while a larger 90% of women suffer from this.

The latter report also shared that one of the most notable symptoms of the imposter syndrome is suffering from intrusive thoughts - a condition 48% of the report's respondents admitted to experiencing. Thoughts of this nature can make you feel like success is only based on luck, that you are "underqualified” for your role, or that you don't deserve the praise you receive.

When we feel we don’t belong or aren’t worthy enough, we tend to use toxic coping strategies like procrastination, avoidance, overworking, self-criticism, social comparison, self-sabotage and perfectionism. All of these lead to poor performance and are detrimental to our wellbeing. If we want to effectively manage our feelings of ‘imposterism’, we need to recognise how it shows up in our lives and how we typically deal with it.

Professor Maja draws on years’ worth of data collected with thousands of women around the world to inform her research and build her concepts and strategies. In this 3-hour seminar, you will learn how to develop a more realistic view of what competence is (and it’s not perfection), you’ll understand how organisations, industries and systems feed our insecurities, and you will develop compassion for yourself by learning that self-kindness, not self-judgment is the way forward.

This seminar is:

  • Led by our most popular and top rated seminar facilitator: With 800+ past delegates Professor Maja has a customer satisfaction score of 97%
  • Inspiring and practical: Brimming with “ah ha!” moments, you will walk away empowered, equipped and energised
  • Designed to build upon Maja’s past seminars while remaining accessible for new attendees

  • What can I expect from this seminar?

  • A highly engaging, lively and world-renowned facilitator: Professor Maja lives and breathes her work, she is certainly not (or no longer) suffering from imposter syndrome and a lack of confidence. You will realise this the moment you meet her. Her goal is to give this same energy to women around the world.
  • Interactive breakout activity and live Q&A: Process and personalise your learning with a perfectly timed and time-tested breakout activity designed by Maja. You will also have the opportunity to ask your burning questions directly to Maja in a format that’s more intimate than passing around a microphone in a conference hall.
  • Practical resources: Walk away with practical resources, frameworks and tools that you will be able to implement immediately to boost your confidence, kill your inner imposter and become the leader you are meant to be.

  • Who will attend?

    Aspiring, emerging and existing female leaders from all sectors. Anyone who could do with a confidence boost or greater self awareness needs to attend this seminar.
    • Manager through to senior leadership
    • Early career and emerging female leaders
    • Learning and development practitioners
    • Consultants and leadership coaches
    • Women experiencing a transition in their lives, such as returning to work after a period of leave

    Seminar overview

    • The first half of this seminar will focus on understanding how the imposter syndrome shows up in your life, you will learn:
      • Root causes of imposter syndrome
      • What type of imposter are you? The 5 competency types
      • Our problematic coping strategies we employ that lead us to play it safe
      • Challenging our Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs)
      • Learning how and why we need to take compliments & praise
    • The second half of this workshop will focus on the imposter syndrome at work you will learn:
      • How our work environments can influence *and create* feelings of imposterism
      • The role of gender & racial bias
      • Problematic male communication styles that negatively impact women’s confidence
      • How performance evaluations and feedback influence our self-doubt
      • How and why self-compassion is the antidote to self-criticism and the imposter syndrome

    Key Speakers

    Professor Maja
    Sociologist, Author, TedX Speaker & Confidence-Builder
    The world’s foremost expert and researcher on gendered confidence inhibitors

    What People Are Saying

    • “Prof. Maja provides research based advice confirming common issues faced by women in the workplace as real. It’s illuminating and vindicating and an incredibly important step to building confidence. Highly recommend it.”

      Lindy Kiazim, System Asset Manager, Department of Defence, October 2022
    • “Professor Maja is an incredibly thought-provoking and engaging speaker on the truths and myths of building confidence. Her seminar is a must for all emerging female leaders and those who seek to support them!”

      Claire Dougall, Team Leader – Strategic Planning, Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, October 2022
    • “The content was engaging, interesting, very informative and the presentation was flawless. Resonated with me and inspired me to change.”

      Tanya Shanks, Compliance Officer, Department of Health – Therapeutic Goods Administration, July 2022
    • “The most influential and inspiring 3 hour session I have participated in to date.”

      Rebecca McIntyre, Assistant Director, ACT Health Directorate, July 2022
    • “This was a brilliant, insightful and thought-provoking session! Prof. Maja was engaging, energetic and fiercely intelligent. She delivered important messages and strategies through highly relatable content and ideas. I will be doing some serious self-reflection about how I can acknowledge my achievements and back my skills and capabilities without deflecting praise and without the unnecessary “sorry’s”. Thanks The Hatchery!”

      Erika Lawson, Acting Director, Department of Education – Australian Federal Government, July 2022