Embrace performance management practices that build capability, support & coach talent, and work effectively with underperformance
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27 February, 2 & 3 March 2023
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Performance management and development is integral to your team’s success

Regular and meaningful performance and development conversations between a leader and a team member are fundamental to ensuring a high performing team culture in the APS.

Put simply, performance management and development is a two-way process between a leader and employee that is consultative, collaborative, realistic, regular and ongoing. Employees and teams have the resources, training and support they need to develop, appropriate recognition to remain motivated and a clear understanding of what they are accountable for.

However, there are some common misconceptions about performance management that can cause confusion and lead to frustration for both leaders and their teams. Let’s dispel a few of those here to ensure you understand the value of this course and how it can help transform your performance management and development.

Myth 1: Performance management is about managing poor performance
Truth: Performance management works to enhance the performance of all employees in an organisation. The foundation of good performance management enables leaders to effectively coach and develop all employees to perform at their best.

Myth 2: People don’t like to be involved in performance management
Truth: Most people want and expect feedback. People work better when expectations have been agreed upon and communicated clearly and when they understand what they are accountable for (and what happens if they are not owning that accountability).

Myth 3: It is the manager’s job to set up objectives and goals
Truth: While it is the leader’s responsibility to guide performance management and ensure that appropriate goals are in place, this cannot be achieved without the input and agreement of the employee. All employees should be supported to contribute to their own development and to have a voice. Performance management should be inclusive and an open dialogue without surprises!

The information and tools provided in this course set you up for success and will enable you to feel capable with the leadership skills of performance management and development. Attend to build your skills and confidence in having effective performance and development conversations with your team and to underpin a high performance culture that supports service delivery.

This masterclass is:

Designed to reflect the ‘Performance Management in the APS’ guidelines and to support leaders to use best practice techniques and skills to sustain a high-performance culture across the APS
• Led by a seasoned and highly-rated virtual facilitator: 400+ past delegates gave Daniel a customer satisfaction rating of 99%
Highly interactive, engaging and practical: Gain personal feedback, practical frameworks and easy-to-use tools that you can apply as soon as you have completed the course

Who will attend?

Leaders across the Australian Public Sector who are seeking support on how to adopt best practice performance management techniques or who wish to learn how to coach, support and invest in a team to drive and sustain a high performance culture.

Job titles such as the below will benefit from attending:
• Assistant Director
• Senior Officer
• Senior Manager
• Assistant Manager
• Regional Manager
• Team Leader
• Advisor / Adviser
• Head of / Department Lead
• Those engaged in Services, Policy, Project & Program based roles

Outcomes of attending

  • Measure and evaluate results to continuously improve performance and help team members to realise potential
  • Set clear expectations and support employees to contribute to their own development
  • Manage conflict effectively and open candid conversations
  • Coach people to successfully navigate challenging situations and manage burnout
  • Build team commitment and support career aspirations
  • Reward and recognise talent whilst also managing underperformance
  • Learn a simple easy-to-apply performance coaching technique for everyday use
  • Learn specific language to better frame performance based conversations and influence outcomes
  • Recognise the ripple effects of not dealing with underperformance
  • Be confident to participate in and lead performance management processes, including providing performance feedback and performance coaching

Key Speakers

Daniel Murray
Founder & Director
Empathic Consulting

What People Are Saying

  • “Daniel Murray is an extremely knowledgeable, engaging presenter. He provided useful tools to help me with complex teams and major changes in our workplace. The training was thought provoking, and provided relatable examples to aid with the understanding of the concepts.”

    Tanya Hurkmans, Information Technology Security Manager
    Department of Defence, April 2022
  • “Fantastic course. Daniel is incredibly knowledgeable and offers fantastic resources for leaders.”

    Sarah Foot, Fraud and Corruption Prevention
    Services Australia, April 2022
  • “Daniel is a fantastic presenter and the whole event was very well run and facilitated.”

    Madeleine Hickey, Public Servant
    Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, April 2022
  • “Daniel and his team provided an open, welcoming and challenging environment, where breakout groups were allowed to discuss their experiences to reinforce the lessons presented in the course.”

    Alex Groenen, LInux ICT Administrator
    Department of Defence, April 2022