9-11 Apr 2024
A practical guide to

Using PowerBI to communicate effectively with data

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Increasingly in today’s business environment we are all required to understand, analyse and present data. Tools such as Excel and Powerpoint are fine when it comes to basic data presentations, but when it comes to greater data challenges we all need more serious tools.

This course is designed to introduce both business and technical audiences to the basics of Microsoft’s PowerBI application. This workshop is intentionally designed to be very interactive and hands-on using a range of real-world examples, supported by clear and easy-to-understand frameworks and tips-and-tricks, that will elevate your practical skills for producing meaningful analysis of today’s data.

Paul will provide expert guidance through the maze of challenges facing all of us when asked to analyse ever-increasing amounts of data being produced for audiences around the world. You will be taken on an engaging journey through entertaining and informative hands-on examples, and gain insights for the real-world application for delivering compelling PowerBI reports that will help answer your critical business questions.

Meet your facilitator

Paul Hodge

University Lecturer & Data Visualisation Evangelist

Paul has a passion for exploring the intersection between data, design, and storytelling. By elevating everyone’s potential to engage, inform, and leverage design principles, Paul believes that we all have the ability to inspire people and share our insights in ways that can improve the world and make it a more interesting place to live in. 

Key benefits

This masterclass is designed for:

Business professionals in the public sector who have no, or limited, experience using PowerBI, and want to build or elevate their skills. It is highly recommended for people with roles or responsibility for communicating insights or concepts using data. 

Important: Set up & technology requirements

You will need to have Microsoft’s PowerBI software installed on your device to participate in the workshop. PowerBI must be installed prior to the workshop and usable. 

Who is this workshop NOT for?

This workshop is designed as an introduction. Intermediate to more experienced users of PowerBI are not recommended to attend.



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