Learn to predict behaviour and increase the effectiveness of your analysis
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6th, 9th & 10th June 2022
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Understand contemporary intelligence practices and gain insight and control over your own biases

Bias, Human Profiling and the targeting of poor behaviours are fascinating and eternal components of the practice of intelligence.

Bias is often a key component of intelligence failure which means that building knowledge in this area is critical to anyone operating in roles that advise decisions on targeting at-risk behaviours across corporate and government sectors.

This workshop explores the basics on how to identify your own personal bias and how bias may impact your analysis of threat and harm. Participant’s own biases are put to the test across the art of human behaviour analysis using multiple case-studies crossing: enforcement, terorism and organisational assessment. These consider targeting analysis from events (who could have done this), through data (what is anomalous behaviour), and connect such analysis with a clear view of harm. The various pitfalls of contemporary open source analysis and data modelling are explored, enabling participants to develop tools and techniques to maximise assessment while avoiding disinformation.

The skills introduced are transferable to any industry including the identification of suspects, assessment of corporate competition, marketing analysis, regulation and change management. This course differentiates ‘human profiling’ from ‘criminal profiling’, introducing participants to a method that is grounded in intelligence field collection and human source management techniques.

Play the video below to meet workshop facilitator, Neil Quarmby

What can I expect from this workshop?

Small group-based problem activity sessions to translate theory into practice
The support and guidance of an expert in intelligence and enforcement
Real-world learning with practical examples and case studies
Networking opportunities to build new connections with like minded peers in a small group setting

Who should attend?

Federal, State and Local Government regulatory agencies, government departments & associations responsible for:
• Regulation
• Investigations
• Enforcement
• Compliance
• Legal
• Regulatory Practice & Operations
• Complaints Management
• Intelligence

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Attend to learn:

  • Personal reflection on your own analytical preferences and bias
  • An understanding of the role, strengths and weaknesses of individual profiling and organisational analysis
  • Practical approaches to support those decisions necessary to target threat behaviours in enforcement, security and commercial setting