Trailblazing women leading with resilience and authenticity
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23-24 November 2022
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Day 1 - Wednesday 23rd November, 2022

9:00am (AEDT)
Opening remarks
OPENING KEYNOTE: Overcoming self limiting beliefs & realising your potential

• My pathway to leadership and the risks and challenges overcome
• Importance of saying yes and not listening to the imposter within
• How and what you say – using language to make an impact

Tania Rishniw
Deputy Secretary, Primary & Community Care
Department of Health and Aged Care
INTERACTIVE NETWORKING: Connect with your peers & share your leadership wisdom

• Introduce yourself
• Share what leadership means to you
• Discuss what areas of leadership challenge you

Morning tea break
Leading with spirit & heart to empower & engage your staff

• Staying true to your purpose with authentic leadership
• Embedding culture as a leadership value and principal
• Understanding your “why” to build integrity and trust
• Cultivating connection to change hearts and minds

Jody Broun
National Indigenous Australians Agency
Empowering young women in the Asia Pacific to step up in their careers

• Leading statistical and data capacity development programmes in the Asia Pacific
• Mentoring and coaching to empower younger women into leadership roles
• Reflecting on gender statistics of women in leader in the Asia Pacific
• Shifting mindsets to take risks and just give it a go

Gemma Van Halderen
General Manager, Population, Labour, Industry and Location Statistics Division
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Lunch break
Driving intentional leadership through multicultural barriers

• Reflecting on a leadership journey from Brazil to Australia
• Building resilience and confidence to communicate during uncertainty
• Defining moments of purpose driven decision making

Lisiane Barao Macleod
General Manager, Data Online Systems Division, Technology and Digital Group
Services Australia
What legacy will you leave as a leader?

• Finding your true north to guide your career and overcome fear
• Leading with care and kindness to empower and motivate your staff
• Importance of leaving your best possible legacy as a custodian of your role
• Using personal adversity to build resilience and define your boundaries

Natasha Mann
Deputy Secretary, Better Regulation Division & Commissioner of Fair Trading
NSW Department of Customer Service
Afternoon tea break
Leading through influence when you are the only woman in the room

• Lessons from being the first woman in multiple inaugural public sector roles
• Bringing everyone along the journey with you to believe in your purpose
• Influencing key decision makers and holding them to account

Dr Maria Milosavljevic
Chief Data Integration Oicer
Department of Defence
2:50pm (AEDT)
Closing remarks

Day 2 - Thursday 24th November, 2022

9:00am (AEDT)
Opening remarks
VIP KEYNOTE: THE HON. JULIA GILLARD AC: Building resilience under pressure

The Hon. Julia Gillard was the 27th Prime Minister of Australia and the first, and only, woman to serve in that role. In this energising and motivating presentation, Ms Gillard will reflect on her experience with coping under the pressure of leadership and working life, and finding the resilience to successfully manage Australia’s economy, the 12th biggest in the world, during the Global Financial Crisis.

The Hon Julia Gillard AC
27th Prime Minister of Australia
Founder & Inaugural Chair, Global Institute for Women’s Leadership
VIP FIRESIDE CHAT: THE HON. JULIA GILLARD AC: Women & leadership in today’s world

Join The Hon. Julia Gillard AC for an intimate conversation where we talk about inspiring examples of leadership in today’s world and what we are learning from this. Make the most of your chance to ask your questions about Ms Gillard’s experience as a woman in public sector leadership and her tips for the key leadership attributes required today.

The Hon Julia Gillard AC
27th Prime Minister of Australia
Founder & Inaugural Chair, Global Institute for Women’s Leadership
Morning tea break
Women leadership – Development of policy & practice
Alison Frame
Deputy Secretary, Social Policy Group (Office for Women)
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
FIRESIDE CHAT: Navigating leadership in our new ways of working

• Managing current workforce complexities and ambiguity
• Managing staff remotely and in a hybrid setting
• Keeping yourself and your team motivated during a crisis
• Managing your own wellbeing and setting boundaries

Rosemary Deininger
Deputy Secretary, Agriculture and Food Policy and Research Group
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Lunch break
Supporting emerging leaders to find their sense of self

• Identifying the key attributes to transition from manager to leader
• Shaking off your identify as an expert to find your leadership voice
• Looking up and outside the mindset of just excelling in your role and managing people
• Giving yourself permission to step into the role to overcome imposter syndrome

Fiona Dillon
Chief Tax Counsel, Office of the Chief Tax Counsel
Australian Taxation Office
PANEL DISCUSSION: How do you build a dynamic & engaged hybrid workforce?

• How do you build a dynamic & engaged hybrid workforce?
• How has your leadership changed over the past two years?
• How do you build team culture and relationships remotely?
• How do you motivate staff and manage performance?
• How do you manage your own wellbeing and set boundaries?

Louise Clarke
Deputy Commissioner, Private Wealth, Client Engagement Group
Australian Taxation Office
Vanessa Holben PSM
Deputy Controller-General, Group Manager, Customs
Australian Border Force
1:35pm (AEDT)
Closing remarks
Workshop A: Let go of perfectionism & learn to thrive at work
22 November 2022, 1:00pm – 4:30pm AEDT

Perfectionism is a dysfunctional trait for many women in leadership and can get in the way of you achieving greatness. Having high standards is healthy and motivating but striving for perfection is rooted in fear and self doubt. Expecting flawlessness only leads to disappointment, exhaustion and a fear of not being good enough. It erodes our confidence and increases stress. Leaders who expect the best often set unrealistic expectations for themselves and their teams, leading to toxic cultures of blame and fear.

By letting go of your preconceptions of perfection you can work more effectively and with greater impact. Attend this unique seminar to learn how a simple shift in perspective and mindset can dramatically change your productivity and influence. Walk away with a new way of thinking about the way you work and tangible tools that will help you cultivate courage by letting go of self doubt.

Why attend this seminar

• Set high standards not unrealistic expectations for yourself and your team
• Learn how to get comfortable with uncertainty and avoid becoming overwhelmed
• Cultivate self-compassion and the courage to be yourself
• Release your attachment to what people think and find your voice
• Stop letting self-doubt become self-sabotage
• Become a more eective leader by being perfectly imperfect

Claire Harrison
CEO, Coach
Business Strategist & Meditation Teacher
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Workshop B: Intentional leadership in a hybrid world
25 November 2022, 09:00am – 12:30pm AEDT

The shift to hybrid working across the public sector has created a new set of workforce challenges for leaders who can no longer take advantage of watercooler chats to build rapport with teams and colleagues. Public sector leaders are now required to manage individual and team performance and wellbeing in less controlled environments, and across multiple channels of communication to drive productivity and keep staff motivated. This requires a style of leadership that can really cut through and influence in any work setting, and the establishment of a new set of boundaries and expectations to gain trust.

This interactive and engaging seminar will give you the tools to reflect on your own leadership practices and current working preferences, and to build upon your own team dynamics to bring the best out of your team in a hybrid environment. There will also be the opportunity to learn and share about ‘what works’ from your fellow attendees.

Why attend this seminar

• Understand the new rules of engagement in a hybrid world
• Harness intentional leadership habits to create cut through and influence
• Mobilise and engage your team and colleagues in a virtual setting
• Set clear boundaries and expectations to manage new ways of working
• Reflect and build upon your own leadership practices

Eleanor Groat
Developer of Leaders and Teams
Your Best Asset
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Key Speakers

The Hon Julia Gillard AC
27th Prime Minister of Australia
Founder & Inaugural Chair, Global Institute for Women’s Leadership
Jody Broun
National Indigenous Australians Agency
Alison Frame
Deputy Secretary, Social Policy Group (Office for Women)
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Tania Rishniw
Deputy Secretary, Primary & Community Care
Department of Health and Aged Care