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Wednesday 28th & Thursday 29th April 2021
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Transforming investigation processes for enhanced outcomes

While regulators work within a resource-constrained environment, Covid-19 restrictions have further disrupted regulatory investigations and regulators are looking to maximise resources, collaborate and find innovative ways of working . Additionally, the regulatory environment is evolving and regulators need to adopt modern regulatory approaches to investigate non-compliance.

The Strengthening Regulatory Investigations digital conference will bring together regulatory professionals, experts and best practice case studies from a wide range of jurisdictions across Australia and New Zealand to discuss how regulators can strengthen their investigative processes, establish successful inter agency MoUs, leverage new technology and much more.

Why attend this event?

Benchmark against other regulators and learn from the steps they have taken to modernise their investigative practices

• Hear a range of case studies on how regulators can use shared resources to detect and prevent non-compliance

• Take away insights on how to leverage intelligence to drive future operations

Get access to all the need to know information made available to you online, both live and on-demand

• Learn how to use your resources effectively by identifying the high risk operators through data sharing

• Bypass social distancing and keep growing your professional network by connecting digitally

• Share your thoughts and ask your burning questions in interactive polls, small group discussions and live Q&A

Who will attend?
Federal, State and Local Government regulatory agencies, government departments & associations responsible for:
• Investigations
• Legal
• Investigations & Enforcement
• Compliance
• Regulation
• Regulatory Practice & Operations
• Intelligence
• Strategy & Policy

Attend to learn:

  • Understand how to improve inter-agency collaboration
  • Learn how to manage multi-agency investigations for improved results
  • Develop practical strategies to mitigate the influence of bias in investigations
  • Explore evolving onsite inspection techniques in a volatile environment