Identify & understand risks to enhance the efficiency of your compliance program
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Tuesday 23rd & Wednesday 24th February 2021
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Strategies to build a robust risk-based framework
Regulators in Australia and New Zealand are actively exploring the shift to a risk-based approach; to prioritise effort in assisting compliance, and identifying and enforcing instances of non-compliance effectively. With risks constantly evolving, the right risk-based approach will play a critical role in ensuring timely and prompt action towards identified risks.

The Driving Risk-Based Regulation digital conference will bring together regulatory professionals, experts and best practice case studies from a wide range of jurisdictions across Australia and New Zealand, who are looking to discuss the challenges and opportunities of riskbased regulation.

Why attend this event?

  • Benchmark against other regulators and learn from the steps they have taken to modernise their regulatory practice in transitioning to risk-based regulation
  • Hear a range of case studies on how regulators can use shared data to detect and prevent non-compliance
  • Gain new approaches and tools to demonstrate benefits of an risk-based approach
  • Get access to all the need to know information made available to you online, both live and on-demand
  • Take away insights on how to harness big data and realise its possibilities
  • Learn how to use your resources effectively by identifying the high risk operators through data sharing
  • Bypass social distancing and keep growing your professional network by connecting digitally
  • Share your thoughts and ask your burning questions in interactive polls, small group discussions and live Q&A

  • Who will attend?

    Federal, State and Local Government regulatory agencies, government departments & associations responsible for:

  • Risk
  • Strategy
  • Policy
  • Compliance
  • Regulation
  • Regulatory Practice
  • Regulatory Operations
  • Intelligence
  • Data Analytics
  • Attend to learn:

    • Understand how to effectively identify, define & address risk
    • Utilise data, intelligence & engagement to drive compliance
    • Develop processes to support regulatory decision-making & strategy
    • Effectively implement a risk-based regulatory approach