Leading with authenticity & purpose in male dominated industries
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6th - 9th December 2021
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Drive your Enforcement & Emergency Services career forward

Women currently make up only one third of all roles in Enforcement and Emergency Services, with even fewer in leadership positions. All agencies have set ambitious targets to rectify this situation, but many are struggling to achieve them, particularly in the upper ranks of leadership. But this should not be discouraging, this means that there is a determined push for more women in leadership, meaning that you, and women like you, stand the greatest chance of closing the gap in the coming years.

The Women in Enforcement & Emergency Services Leadership Summit 2021 provides a candid environment to examine the organisational, cultural and social hurdles specifically faced by female leaders in these sectors and how to overcome them. Join us to gain insights from senior leaders and share experiences with your peers so you can join the advance to equality in your organisation.

What should you expect from this summit?

• VIP and sector keynotes, case studies, fireside chats and interactive panel discussions detailing the challenges overcome and lessons learned by women in the upper ranks of • leadership
• In depth seminars with practical toolkits to cultivate your communication and emotional intelligence skills
• Interactive group networking sessions with peers from across the sector who face the same circumstances as you
Excellent connectivity and a tailored online experience facilitated by our premier conference platform and experienced IT, AV and delivery teams

Who will attend?

• Current & emerging female leaders in Enforcement & Emergency Services
• Manager through to C-Suite, Assistant Commissioner & Secretary
• HR, Diversity & Capability Professionals & Leaders
• Learning & Development Leaders

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Attend to learn:

  • Tap into the valuable lessons learned by women leading in male-dominated environments
  • Tackle career and leadership challenges head on and actively seek opportunities for growth
  • Hear sincere accounts of resilience, challenge and authenticity from women in the same circumstances as you
  • Learn from new role models who established their careers often without any of their own