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Tuesday 16th - Friday 19th November 2021
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Be inspired and gain the tools to lead with confidence

Women make up 60% of the APS, with the majority of these women holding positions at a classification of EL2 and below, peaking at the APS4 level where 70% of positions are held by women. To break this apparent glass ceiling, almost every department and agency has set ambitious targets to appoint women to senior leadership roles, which means that there is currently a tremendous opportunity for you to move further into leadership.

Stepping up your leadership can be daunting, and the leaders we look up to can seem superhuman from the outside. It’s easy to forget that they are just ordinary people, and that they have learned to harness their strengths and gained their own wisdom to achieve extraordinary things. Gain their wisdom and learn how you can harness your strengths at the Public Sector Women in Leadership Summit 2021. Join us to gain insights from senior leaders, share experiences with your peers, hear incredible stories of courage and be inspired to lead with confidence.

What should you expect from this summit?

• VIP and sector keynotes, case studies, fireside chats and interactive panel discussions detailing the challenges overcome and lessons learned by women in the upper ranks of leadership
• In depth seminars with practical toolkits to boost your communication and put your learnings from the conference into action
• Interactive group networking sessions with peers from across the sector who face the same circumstances as you
Excellent connectivity and a tailored online experience facilitated by our premier conference platform and experienced IT, AV and delivery teams

Who will attend?

• Current & emerging female leaders from all types of government organisations
• Manager through to C-Suite, Commissioner & Secretary
• HR, Diversity & Learning & Development Professionals & Leaders

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Attend to learn:

  • Tap into the valuable lessons learned by senior women in public sector leadership
  • Tackle career and leadership challenges head on and actively seek opportunities for growth
  • Be inspired by the first hand accounts of trailblazing and motivational women
  • Hear stories of vulnerability, authenticity and resilience from senior APS leaders