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21st - 24th February 2022
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Day 1 - Tuesday 22nd February, 2022

8:45am (AEDT)
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Opening remarks from the Chair
Leadership advice from the upper ranks
OPENING KEYNOTE: The journey to senior leadership in project management

• Reflections on a career in public sector project management
• Lessons learned and challenges overcome
• Top 3 tips for women in project management leadership

Karen Harfield
General Manager Enterprise Portfolio Management Office
Services Australia
Short break
KEYNOTE: Driving high performing teams

• Insights from one of the largest and most complex infrastructure projects in Australian history
• Building trust and psychological safety to maximise team performance and innovation
• Evolving team capabilities to boost agility and meet changing business demands

Jackie Khong
Executive Manager Program Management Office
NBN Australia
Short break
Zoom Networking Activity: Connect with your peers

In this live networking activity on Zoom meetings, you will be placed in small groups where you will meet and share challenges, advice and tips with your peers from across the sector. Forge lasting connections and gain the wisdom of your peers in this interactive networking experience.

Short break
VIP KEYNOTE: Unlocking authenticity to lead with integrity & high performance

• The joys and pains of being an Olympian
• Coping with the pressure of public scrutiny to look and act a certain way
• Implementing principles of truth, integrity and authenticity in life and work so you can own your own path

Leisel Jones OAM
4x Summer Olympian & 9x Olympic Medallist
Author & Motivational Speaker
Lunch break
Interactive Panel Discussion: Leadership lessons from diverse perspectives

• What does leadership mean to you?
• Have you had any mentors in your career? How did you find and approach them?
• Is there a trade-off between vulnerability and authority for women? What does it look like?
• What are the top three leadership tips you would give to the women in attendance?

Elizabeth Foley
Non Executive Director & Former CEO
Elizabeth Nankivell
Shareholder and Strategy Manager
Inland Rail
Short break
Becoming a mentor to strengthen your leadership & support the next generation
  • Why women need mentors, particularly in project management
  • What do mentors do, how to get one and how to become one
  • Areas where junior women may learn from your experience
  • Elizabeth Foley
    Non Executive Director & Former CEO
    Short break
    CLOSING KEYNOTE: Leading high performance through care & coaching

    • Understanding the connection between trust and high performance
    • Coaching and mentoring your staff to thrive in their role
    • The importance of diversity to team culture and performance

    Michele Elliston
    Director Information, Communication and Technology Services
    Office of Industrial Relations QLD
    3:10pm (AEDT)
    Closing remarks from the Chair & Close of Day One

    Day 2 - Wednesday 23rd February, 2022

    9:00am (AEDT)
    Welcome from The Hatchery & housekeeping update
    Opening remarks from the Chair
    Strategies & insights to progress your career and perform at your best
    Leading a major infrastructure project in 2022

    • The value of authenticity and honesty in workplaces and teams
    • Understanding and overcoming unconscious and conscious bias in the workplace
    • Lessons learned so far

    Angela Jeffery
    Project Director
    Sydney Metro - Western Sydney Airport
    Short break
    Keynote: Practicing empathy as a woman in project management leadership

    • Understanding the benefits of empathy for high performing project teams
    • Growing your empathy muscle by practicing it on a daily basis
    • Staying curious, active listening and the first steps of building empathy

    Elena Zagorenko
    The First Woman to Become Chair of the Board & Award Winning Project Manager
    Australian Institute of Project Management & BHP
    Short break
    INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION: Navigating the opportunities for women in project management leadership

    • How did you end up where you are in your career? What are some key opportunities that came along?
    • What role have mentors and/or sponsors played in your career progression to date?
    • Are there any programs or initiatives that you have taken advantage of for advancing women in leadership?
    • What are your top 3 tips for women moving into leadership for the first time?

    Anna Gallard
    Senior Advisor
    E3 Advisory
    Jayne Matthews
    Public & Private Sector Program Management Executive
    Interactive Zoom Group Coaching

    Come prepared with a leadership challenge that you’re facing at work. You will be placed in groups of 4. Allocate a time keeper to ensure everyone has a turn. Each participant will have 1 minute to explain their problem and then gain feedback from the group for the remaining 4 minutes. Then it is the next person’s turn!

    Lunch break
    Case Study: Building your project management career across the private & public sectors

    • Navigating the benefits and disadvantages of project management in both sectors
    • Using private sector as well as consulting roles to strategically progress your career
    • Top 3 tips to progress your career in project management

    Tamara Pratt
    Senior Director Enterprise Project Management Office
    Department of Education Northern Territory
    Short break
    Closing Keynote: How diversity and inclusion empowers organisations, teams and future leaders

    • Cultivating diversity in all forms to create more dynamic and high performing cultures and teams
    • Supporting and empowering the next generation of culturally diverse leaders
    • Diversity in practice: adapting your leadership to ensure that your teams thrive

    Lisa Hogben
    Package Director - Melbourne Airport Rail
    Metro Trains Melbourne
    1:45pm (AEDT)
    Closing remarks from the Chair & Close of Main Summit Program
    Workshop A: Communicating with influence for greater performance and team buy-in
    Monday 21st February 2022, 9:30am – 12:30pm AEDT

    The seminar

    Communicating with influence is essential to high performance. Not only does it allow you to achieve quick results without the back and forth of misunderstood requests and questioning, but it also increases your negotiation skills and allows you to draw out the strengths of others. Both of which will contribute to your overall effectiveness as well as career and leadership success.

    In this highly informative and engaging seminar, you will develop greater awareness of how you can communicate with impact to build greater credibility and become a key person of influence in your organisation. Learn how to communicate a message that not only engages and inspires, but also one that mobilises and compels people to take action.

    Why attend this seminar?

    • Establish yourself as a trusted and credible voice
    • Accelerate change and buy-in with simple and practical communication strategies
    • Capture and communicate your thoughts with greater confidence and clarity
    • Extend your reach and influence within your organisation
    • Mobilise people towards action both internally and externally

    Eleanor Groat
    Developer of Leaders and Teams
    Your Best Asset
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    Workshop B: Emotional Intelligence for women in project management
    Thursday 24th February 2022, 9:30am – 12:30pm AEDT

    The seminar

    Previously referred to as a ‘soft skill’, emotional intelligence is now considered the critical skill you need once your experience and technical expertise have seen you promoted into leadership.

    Emotional intelligence is the glue that binds organisational culture and enables cross team collaboration. It’s the talent that underpins business acumen, supporting you to recognise how others perceive you and allowing you to elegantly influence, and accurately read a room while managing your emotional state.

    We operate in increasingly complex and competitive environments. Organisations and the people in them are desperately trying to achieve more with less resources and with greater pressure. Many organisations are challenged with engaging employees during rapid change and constant uncertainty. Raising productivity and integrating new approaches demands greater flexibility, psychological safety, cultural sensitivity and collaboration. Those who create and sustain strong business results in this climate engage hearts and minds, manage complex and often competing agendas with savvy and awareness.

    In this engaging and insightful seminar, you will understand what makes emotional intelligence so critical to leadership success and how women at the forefront of emotionally intelligent behaviours can capitalise on this advantage.

    Seminar Outcomes

    • Define Emotional Intelligence as underpinned by the most prominent EI assessment in the world
    • Know how emotional intelligence underpins your ability to be a ‘Transformational Leader’
    • Recognise combinations of EI competencies that support/derail leadership behaviours
    • Discuss what the future of leadership looks like from an EI perspective
    • Help you identify which EI competencies you need to excel
    • Use a behavioural science technique to enhance personal emotional self-awareness
    • The opportunity to win a free EI self-assessment and debrief

    Rosalinda Batson
    Co-Founder, Director & leading global expert in Emotional Intelligence
    Neural Networks Consulting
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    Key Speakers

    Leisel Jones OAM
    4x Summer Olympian & 9x Olympic Medallist
    Author & Motivational Speaker
    Karen Harfield
    General Manager Enterprise Portfolio Management Office
    Services Australia
    Jackie Khong
    Executive Manager Program Management Office
    NBN Australia
    Angela Jeffery
    Project Director
    Sydney Metro - Western Sydney Airport