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Wednesday 21 & Friday 23 September 2022
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Gain the advice you need to thrive as a woman in STEM leadership

Currently only 17% of the STEM qualified population are women, making these some of our most male-dominated fields. The numbers are only slowly increasing as time progresses, but there is an opportunity to make a difference. All agencies have set clear targets to increase female representation in leadership, meaning that you, and women like you, stand the greatest chance of closing the gap in the coming years.

Recent years have seen cultures, attitudes, language and accessibility improve for women in STEM roles in many areas, but that’s not to say that it can’t be better. That’s why it’s more important than ever for women at all stages of leadership to come together and share their insights on how they made it work, how they changed attitudes and created their own leadership style to effectively lead in male dominated fields.

The Hatchery’s Public Sector Women in STEM Leadership Summit exists as a means for women in senior leadership to share their learnings and advice for the next crop of women leaders in the space, some of whom may be struggling to find role models in what is typically a heavily male dominated field. Covering wide ranging topics from networking, to mentoring and transitioning into leadership, this is a platform for leaders to show you how to thrive as a woman in STEM leadership, and that they are the proof.

What should you expect from this summit?

  • VIP and sector keynotes, case studies, fireside chats and interactive panel discussions detailing the challenges overcome and lessons learned by women in the upper ranks of leadership
  • In depth seminars with practical toolkits to advance your career and build high performing teams
  • Interactive group networking sessions with peers from across the sector who face the same challenges as you
  • Excellent connectivity and a tailored online experience facilitated by our premier conference platform and experienced IT, AV and delivery teams

Who will attend?

  • Current & emerging female leaders in STEM
  • Technical roles as well as Officer & Manager through to Director & SES
  • HR, Diversity & Capability Professionals & Leaders
  • Learning & Development Leaders
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    Attend to learn:

    • Boost your confidence & understand the most common learnings of senior leaders
    • Gain advice on key topics for women in STEM including; working in male dominated environments, leading diverse & high performing teams & uncovering the power of networking & mentoring to propel your career
    • Hear from exciting VIP & international keynotes, valuable case studies & in-depth panel discussions
    • Learn from new role models who established their careers often without any of their own
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