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Coercive control is often described by women as the worst part of intimate partner violence and is also a known predictor or precursor of domestic and family violence related homicide. Identifying coercive control and understanding the practical implications for those who experience it, will enable practitioners to provide effective support and responses. In this interactive workshop, join facilitator and Family & Domestic Violence Specialist, Daphne White, to increase your understanding of intimate partner violence and coercive controlling behaviour.

This workshop will describe the elements of coercive control, the dynamics and frameworks, and how to recognise and understand the impacts for women and their children. The tactics used by perpetrators of coercive control will be explored in detail. Connect theory with practice in this foundational workshop where you will gain knowledge on appropriate responses and referral pathways, and explore ways to support clients with immediate safety. You will also gain skills and tools to support clients to make informed choices about their safety and ability to safeguard their children.