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Previously referred to as a ‘soft skill’, emotional intelligence is now considered the critical skill you need to fast track your career and influence those around you. Emotional intelligence is the glue that binds organisational culture and enables cross-team collaboration. It’s the talent that underpins business acumen, supporting you to recognise how others perceive you. It also allows you to elegantly influence and accurately read a room while managing your emotional state.

We operate in increasingly complex and competitive environments. Organisations and the people in them are desperately trying to achieve more with less resources and with greater pressure. Many organisations are challenged with engaging employees during rapid change and constant uncertainty. Raising productivity and integrating new approaches demands greater flexibility, psychological safety, cultural sensitivity and collaboration. Those who create and sustain strong career growth in this climate engage hearts and minds while managing complex and often competing agendas with savvy and awareness.

In this engaging and insightful seminar, you will understand what makes emotional intelligence so critical to career success and how people at the forefront of emotionally intelligent behaviours can capitalise on this advantage.