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Strong leadership in the NFP sector is essential to driving strategy, retaining employees, responding to fast-changing environments and ensuring the trust of donors, governments and clients is sustained.

As a leader, it’s critical that you understand when and how to align positive forms of leadership, external/environmental factors and organisational values to maximize available resources. All of this plays out in terms of how a team performs and how leaders harness team performance through effective, compassionate and positive leadership.

Modern times require strategic leaders, engaged employees and the team’s full commitment to success. But as a leader, you simply can’t be everywhere. This is why the culture of your team and the way they act, behave and make decisions when you are not around is critical to long-term success.

Members of effective teams share a sense of common purpose, and a clear team vision and understand their role in relation to the organization’s success. An ineffective team can impact morale, staff confidence, and consume precious organizational resources.

This three-part uncapped masterclass will guide you as a leader through a journey to transform the cohesion and culture within your team to ensure that you are confident in how to strengthen capability and amplify performance.