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Communicating with influence is an essential skill for all Not For Profit leaders to master as it enables you to cut through with your message and get buy-in from your staff, key stakeholders and funding bodies. Communication isn’t just a ‘helpful skill’, it is a leadership imperative and a hallmark of the best leaders. It remains one of the crucial skills for 21st century leadership.

James C. Humes, an American presidential speech writer put it this way: “Every time you have to speak, you are auditioning for leadership”.

Our world is more globally connected than ever before, with easier access to information than at any point in history, yet in the important moments – the moments that really matter – people aren’t just looking for something that can inform them, they are looking to someone who will lead them with confidence. This seminar is about learning how to make those moments count. We’ll explore how to communicate a message that cuts through the noise, accelerates buy in and mobilises people around your organisational purpose or social impact.