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Measuring social outcomes does not have to be resource intensive or highly technical. Many not for profit organisations already have social impact measurement practices in place but are unsure where to start to fully utilise and embed them in their organisation. Every organisation’s measurement is highly contextual and the environment and context you work in will and should influence your approach and method.

In this interactive Masterclass, you will walk through the fundamentals of setting up an impact measurement framework and gain pragmatic approaches to get buy-in at all levels in your organisation. Drawing from over 10 years experience working directly in the community services sector, Eleanor Booth will demystify the outcomes measurement process. You will learn about key success factors and things to avoid when developing and implementing an impact measurement plan. Eleanor will empower you to remain curious and courageous by teaching you that there is no definitive way to measure social impact, so that you can have the confidence and tools to get started right now