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Build the skills and capabilities to escape being seen as just an order-taker

In a post-pandemic environment, the role of the assistant has been permanently altered. Hybrid working is here to stay and now, more than ever before, it is vital that as an assistant you have the skills and capabilities to support your organisation to adapt and adjust to this new way of working. Join #1 rated facilitator and podcast host Liz Van Vliet in this refreshed seminar series to learn how to cultivate the five levels of mastery that will allow you to be proactive in this changed environment.

Develop your ‘Power’ skills, your supercharged soft skills so you can manage conflicting priorities, maintain your focus and build your influence. Attending this program for the first time (or as a returning attendee) you will be introduced and reintroduced to approaches and strategies that will leave you feeling empowered to step up in your career, and grow as a successful assistant and business partner.