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Malcolm K Sparrow is a leading international expert in regulatory and enforcement strategy, security and risk control. Malcolm is the Professor of the Practice of Public Management at Harvard’s John F Kennedy School of Government and he is Faculty Chair of the school’s executive program “Strategic Management of Regulatory and Enforcement Agencies.”

During the Implementing Problem-Centric Work & Special Classes of Risk Seminar we will examine two sets of puzzles for regulatory and risk-control operations, both of which are currently demanding significant attention from a broad range of Australian regulatory bodies.

Day 1 will examine the practical challenges of implementing “problem-centric” work (which some agencies refer to as “harm-reduction” or “risk- based” projects). The basic concept has been circulating in regulatory circles for at least two decades, but the practical work of developing mature problem-centric capabilities, and institutionalising them, is far from done.

Day 2 will focus on Special Classes of Risk, and the practical challenges these risks present for agencies responsible for controlling them. Agencies that do engage in problem-centric work soon discover that some—but not all—of the important problems they seek to tackle exhibit confounding qualities of one type or another. Such risks, or problems, are often termed “wicked” or “special” because of these qualities. This seminar will explore the major categories of “wicked” risks most frequently encountered by regulatory and enforcement agencies.