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Empowering you to have more genuine, effective & constructive engagement within your team & organisation

It’s daunting holding challenging conversations and delivering difficult (but important) feedback.

All managers and leaders need to conduct difficult conversations at some time or another. It’s an important, although uncomfortable, learning curve for all emerging leaders.

Perhaps you need to discuss under-performance with a team member? What if someone is consistently late arriving at work? Or a team member is failing to engage in zoom meetings and you are unsure that remote working is actually working? Perhaps an important deadline needs to be pushed back or a project has met with challenges and you need to communicate up?

It’s not surprising most of us have the tendency to avoid potential conflict. It’s human nature. Difficult conversations are tricky, but they cannot be avoided.

It is essential for leaders to have the confidence to identify and manage problems at work early on, before they escalate. Without the confidence to navigate difficult conversations, leaders may find themselves avoiding or delaying and actually perpetuating the problem. Generally speaking, this leads to more frustration, internal confusion and resentment and despite all this avoidance and delay – you still have to have the (now more) difficult conversation.

Attend this masterclass to transform your own performance regarding difficult conversations.

This masterclass is offered both online and in-person, in Canberra CBD. Pick whichever delivery option is best for you!