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There is no doubt that first responders are routinely exposed to higher rates of trauma, putting them at greater risk of acquiring mental health issues in the future. Even more, with the added stresses of the pandemic, fires and floods over the past few years, it is pivotal to ensure that
emergency and frontline services are responding proactively, and implementing early intervention and evidence-based strategies.

We know first responder organisations have strategies and programs in place, but how do we know if they’re making an impact and where do
we go from here?

The Mental Health Strategies for First Responders conference will bring together experts, researchers and leading first responder agencies
from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA, to understand how we take the next step in implementing evidence-based solutions.
Understand how you can implement fit-for-purpose strategies for your people and hear honest stories and lessons learned to benchmark
your organisation.

“Emergency services workers are more than twice as likely to experience high or very high rates of psychological distress compared to the general population”
– Answering the Call national survey, Beyond Blue