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This is a watershed moment in your career and the habits and behaviours that you cultivate now will become the cornerstones of your senior leadership in the years to come. This intimate and engaging masterclass is designed to provide you with these habits and behaviours, so you can grow and scale your senior leadership for what comes next.

It’s the perfect addition to your training if you have already attended one of the Hatchery’s APS 5 – 6 masterclasses OR it stands alone if you are joining us for the first time at the APS 6 – EL 1 level.

Specifically designed for women in APS 6 and EL 1 level roles, this highly engaging three-part digital Masterclass will give you key tools to thrive as a senior leader and set yourself up for success for the rest of your career. Claire has designed this program to meet and support your work level standard requirements for levels AP6-EL1.