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As your career progresses you will be tasked with leading larger and more complicated teams and programs. Sooner or later you will notice that your management skills need to scale up to cater for increasing demand and responsibility. This is where leadership plays such a vital role, yet most of us are not taught this essential skill through our technical education or training.

Stepping up your leadership can be daunting, and the leaders we look up to can seem superhuman from the outside. It’s easy to forget that they are just ordinary people, and that they have learned to harness their strengths and gained their own wisdom to achieve extraordinary things.

Gain their wisdom and learn how you can harness your strengths at the Public Sector Women in Human & Social Services Leadership Summit 2022. From showing up as your authentic self, to resilience, building trust or lessons learned and challenges overcome, you will gain insights from senior leaders and be inspired to lead with confidence.