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Values at Stake in Regulatory Practice:

During this seminar we will be discussing several different types of discretion involved in regulatory decision-making and exploring the set of values that we trust to govern such decision-making in order to protect against bias, corruption, and improper influence.
Many regulatory agencies publish “value statements,” or list in their public strategy documents the values they espouse, not only as a means of guiding and governing their employees’ behaviour, but also as a standard against which the agency is prepared to be evaluated. Values nominated in this way frequently include consistency, proportionality, fairness, transparency, equity, uniformity, effectiveness, resource-efficiency, integrity, accountability and predictability.

Disruptive Innovation & Regulatory Response:

During this seminar we will be discussing the nature of market disruptions that result from the appearance of innovative technologies or products, and the challenge of designing appropriate regulatory responses to such disruptions, and at an appropriate pace.
Market disruptions happen. In many instances the regulator has no particular reason to intervene, even as industry incumbents lose market share and may go out of business. Markets can be brutal.