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Simple but powerful strategies to boost performance during the toughest times

The healthcare system and departmental health policies have been pushed to the brink by a global pandemic that, at the same time, has starkly highlighted their critical importance. An already stretched health system is now at breaking point, and government health task forces and policymakers have scrambled to contain an unprecedented disease, vaccinate a population and now regulate the new normal. To say that leaders and teams are exhausted is an understatement, but yet they still need to deliver to the highest standards to save and support lives as well as their own values and purposes as human beings.

While there’s no panacea for the situation we are facing, since wicked, systemic problems still pervade the sector, there are things that you, as a leader, can do to ease the emotional, physical and mental burden on yourself and your people. Join The Hatchery’s top-rated facilitator Claire Harrison to discover the simple, practical and powerful changes you can make at work to raise the morale, drive and performance of your team in the most challenging circumstances.