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This event is about the real issues facing women in leadership now. We’re not going to shy away from topics that are too hard, risky or taboo. Let’s talk about the prevailing glass cliff phenomenon. Let’s talk about unconscious bias and internalised misogyny. Let’s talk about menopause and women in leadership as well as endometriosis and its crippling effects for women’s careers. Let’s talk about mental health, intersectional diversity, creating male allies and LGBTQIA+ leaders and team members. Let’s also talk about the latest issues facing leaders like hybrid leadership, navigating disruption and motivating your team without burning them out.

Let’s get it all out in the open, and equip our current and emerging women in leadership with the knowledge they need to lead thriving teams and advocate for change, the language with which to approach difficult conversations, and the empowerment to know that they can make a difference for their wellbeing and success at work.