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State and territory government departments and agencies employ almost 1.7 million public servants, collectively making them the largest employers of women in the country. Over recent years, we’ve seen pioneering leaders across different states and territories become the first women to occupy their roles, blazing a trail for other women leaders like you.

That’s why it’s crucial for women in state government leadership from all jurisdictions to come together to examine the shared challenges, leadership lessons and opportunities that they face to lead at this critical level of government.

The Hatchery’s Women in State Government Leadership Summit exists as a means for women in senior leadership to share their learnings and advice for the next crop of women leaders in the space, some of whom may be struggling to find role models in their immediate environments. Covering wide ranging topics from authenticity, to high performance and finding your purpose as a leader, this is a platform for leaders to show you how to thrive as a woman in state government leadership, because they are the proof.