9-10 Jul 2024
Meanjin, Brisbane

Data Storytelling & Visualisation

How do you tell a story with your data & influence key stakeholders?

To be successful in today’s business environment people not only need to be able to discover and understand new insights, but they also need to communicate those insights effectively.

Join expert data visualisation specialist Paul Hodge for this engaging workshop to gain new skills or refine your existing skills in the core elements of successful data storytelling including engagement, presentation and design thinking.

Attendees gain high-level insights on how to use data visualisation frameworks and apply tips-and-tricks to develop data visualisations that will engage, entertain and inspire future decision makers. You will walk through an example of the end-to-end process of developing an interactive business focused dashboard, using the industry leading data visualisation software. You will also develop skills that will help improve the effectiveness of anyone who needs to communicate information and insights with colleagues, peers, and the world.

Meet your facilitator

Paul Hodge

University Lecturer & Data Visualisation Evangelist

Paul Hodge is a Data Visualisation University Lecturer and Corporate Educator with a passion for exploring the intersection between data, design, and storytelling. By elevating everyone’s potential to engage, inform, and leverage design principles, Paul believes that we all have the ability to inspire people and share our insights in ways that can improve the world and make it a more interesting place to live in.

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