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The Hatchery is a catalyst for transformative change. With an extensive lineup of 100+ annual conferences, masterclasses, seminars, and private training courses, we connect people with the knowledge they need to inspire and drive meaningful change. 

As a leading events provider, we offer unique sponsorship opportunities that allow businesses to reach and engage with our diverse audience of industry professionals and thought leaders. By aligning your brand with our innovative events and impactful content, you can elevate your visibility, build valuable connections, and make a lasting impact. 

How you’ll benefit from
partnering with us

Position yourself as an industry-leader

Connect with key-decision makers
Raise awareness of your company profile
Showcase your brand and expertise

Sponsorship types


Take the stage and share your expertise with our audience in the form of a keynote, panel discussion or case study. Position yourself as a thought leader and gain valuable visibility.


Gain exclusive access to our events to network, engage in meaningful conversations, and establish valuable connections.


Elevate your brand’s visibility and create lasting impressions. Establish a strong presence among our audience with branding on our event collateral.

Bespoke sponsorship packages

We create bespoke sponsorship packages to meet your objectives and budget. Get in touch
with our team to explore opportunities across our suite of events.

Key audiences

Our purpose is to promote, accelerate, and educate emerging and current leaders, empowering them with the knowledge and skills to make a lasting impact.
We bring together industry leaders, policy experts, and innovative thinkers to explore the latest regulatory developments, best practices, and strategies for success in meeting regulatory objectives.
Health and Aged Care
We are committed to strengthening the healthcare and aged care sectors through education and knowledge to deliver care that promotes dignity and confidence.
We invigorate and empower Australia's Public Sector workforce by providing cutting-edge insights, expert knowledge in data & tech, regulation, essential skills and more.
We are dedicated to lifelong learning. We exist to provide transformative learning experiences, by connecting educators with knowledge and innovative ideas to positively impact all learners now, and into the future.
Social Services
We are committed to empowering leaders and practitioners to improve the safety, dignity and outcomes of the people they support, and services they lead.

Unlock true value with our strategic
sponsorship opportunities

Boost brand exposure

Maximise your brand’s visibility and reach by position your brand front and centre, ensuring optimal exposure to your target audience and thought leaders.

Showcase your expertise

Position your company as a trusted thought leader. Showcase your expertise through speaking engagements, panel discussions, and thought-provoking content.

Gain competitive edge

Differentiate your brand and capture the attention of your target audience and give you a distinct competitive advantage.

Access targeted audiences

Engage specific segments within our diverse audience. Reach the right people who are genuinely interested in your products or services.

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