Private Online Training

Maximise your team’s professional development with Private Online Training with The Hatchery. Tailored to meet your team’s learning needs, choose any one of our digitally delivered Masterclasses, Workshops or Seminars to take in-house. Proactively manage your professional development budget by focusing training on challenges specific to your organisation, and assess the true impact of staff learning through pre and post-event surveys conducted by our team.

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What courses are available for Private Training?


Private Training benefits

Connect teams from around Australia

Staff working in the same or different teams anywhere in Australia (or even abroad) can instantly collaborate with their colleagues as they learn

Manage your professional development budget proactively

Minimise the additional costs of traditional in-person training with online training. By reducing travel and accommodation costs, you can maximise your budget for what really matters – your team’s growth and development

A personalised learning environment

Each person learns best in a different learning environment. Whether it’s from the office or remotely from home, online training gives your team the ability to set up their ideal learning space


Relevant content for your teams

The session content, examples and questions will be tailored to your organisation’s context


Review all the content on-demand

Your team can catch up on anything they’ve missed or review content on their own terms with the recorded training available to watch on-demand at their leisure


Preferred dates and times

Find a time and day that works for your team (subject to availability)


What technology do we use?

Our highly capable in-house digital delivery team ensures that all of our online training sessions are organised and executed to an exceptional standard. We deliver our programs using Zoom Meetings, allowing us to use a variety of interactive elements for your training, including polls, chat, breakout activities, whiteboards and annotations. In choosing to use Zoom, we’re able to deliver a highly engaging, secure and enjoyable online learning experience to all of our attendees.

If you have any questions or queries about the technology used to deliver Private Training, please reach out to our Team.


“I thought this introductory course was brilliant. I now have a better understanding of the data foundations and analysis process that we applied to a specific workplace example that enables me to better communicate to the various internal and external stakeholders.”

Senior Analyst (Australian Energy Regulator): Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, June 2022

“The Dare to Lead Program has helped me to define the type of leader I am and align that with my core values. I have no doubt this session will play a huge part in my leadership style moving forward.”

Manager: Department of Industry, May 2022

“The Hatchery has worked out how to deliver online training in a way that is still just as impactful as face-to-face training. In particular, having weeks between each session really helped”

Assistant Director: Program Performance and Risk Management, Department of Home Affairs, February 2021

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