Maximise your team’s professional development with Private Online Training with The Hatchery. Tailored to meet your team’s learning needs, choose any one of our digitally delivered Masterclasses, Workshops or Seminars to take in-house. Proactively manage your professional development budget by focusing training on challenges specific to your organisation, and assess the true impact of staff learning through pre and post-event surveys conducted by our team.


  • Leadership and skills development for women in EL2-SES, EL1-2 & APS 5-6 or state-based equivalent roles such as NSW Public Sector Grades 7-8 and 9-12
  • Women in Leadership: Forget the Apologies and Learn to Lead with Confidence Brave Leadership: An Exclusive Dare to Lead™
  • Essential leadership skills including Communicating for Influence, Authentic Leadership, Building Resilience and High Performing Teams
  • Data Skills & Capabilities for Non Specialists
  • Data Visualisation & Data Storytelling
  • Three-Part Data Literacy Digital Course – Building Data Literacy, Skills & Capabilities in the Public Sector
  • Measuring Outcomes Based Approaches
  • Customer Strategy & Experience Design


  • Pre-event pulse check – We ensure the training is positioned at the right level for participants
  • Meet your specific learning needs – Based on a brief summarising your exact needs and outcomes
  • Tailored feedback and advice – Direct from the facilitator from your brief and pre-event survey results
  • Relevant context – Session content, examples and questions relevant to your organisation’s context
  • Measure learning impact – Understand the real impact of your session with direct survey insights
  • Preferred dates and times – Find a time and day that works for your team (subject to availability)


Manage your professional development budget proactively – Minimise the additional costs of traditional in-person training with online training. By reducing travel and accommodation costs, you can maximise your budget for what really matters – your team’s growth and development 

Connect teams from around Australia – Staff working in the same or different teams anywhere in Australia (or even abroad) can instantly collaborate with their colleagues as they learn

A personalised learning environment – Each person learns best in a different learning environment. Whether it’s from the office or remotely from home, online training gives your team the ability to set up their ideal learning space

Missed something? Review all the content on-demand – Your team can catch up on anything they’ve missed or review content on their own terms with the recorded training available to watch on-demand at their leisure


Our highly capable in-house digital delivery team ensures that all of our online training sessions are organised and executed to a high quality across a range of technology platforms. Currently, we offer online training on:
  • Zoom Meetings
  • Microsoft Teams Skype
Do you use a different or bespoke video conferencing software? Contact our team to discuss the different technology options that would work best for your team.




“The Hatchery has worked out how to deliver online training in a way that is still just as impactful as face-to-face training. In particular, having weeks between each session really helped to solidify the learning and allowed me to reflect on and implement the lessons at work.”
– Assistant Director: Program Performance and Risk Management, Department of Home Affairs, February 2021

“If you don’t do any other development for the next year, make sure you go on this one. I emerged from this training with a greater clarity of thought and purpose, more resilient and determined than I have in years, leaving apologies and many other notable detractors in my wake.”
– Assistant Director, ACT Health Directorate, September 2020

“The delivery format of 3 hours a week over a month, made it very achievable to fit into a busy schedule and also helped to reinforce learning over time. Really impressed and would recommend it to others!”
– Assistant Director – Assessments & Authorisations, Parks Australia, September 2020


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