10-12 Jul 2024
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Complimentary Family & Domestic Violence Awareness Seminar Series

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95% of violence victims report a male perpetrator. Respectful and evidence-based engagement with violent men is crucial to ensure the safety of women and children.  To prevent the stark statistics in Australia from continuing on the same trajectory we need to help men who use violence to change their behaviour and ultimately to take responsibility for their actions. 

The Hatchery’s FDV seminar series is a response to the stark reality that in 2024 alone 35 women have already lost their lives to violence. We need to explore approaches that elicit personality responsibility in men and empower them to become a part of the solution if we are to break this cycle of violence against women and children. 

In April, thousands marched across Australia in rallies to raise awareness of the change we need to see. In those rallies, we were all reminded of the role we can all play in raising awareness or creating access to knowledge about FDV. 

At The Hatchery, our mission is to connect people with knowledge to inspire change and we are offering these two seminars, at no cost, to inspire that change for anyone working in the family violence sector, or whose work touches the lives of those impacted by family, domestic, or sexual violence.

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