4 Sep 2024
Meanjin | Brisbane

Student Behaviour & Classroom Management Masterclass

Practical strategies to create safe, calm & orderly classrooms

Australia has some of the most disruptive classrooms in the world. Safe, ordered and positive learning environments are a foundation for learning. This workshop will explore the current national focus on behaviour, the ‘why’ of behaviour based on psychology and neuroscience and then immerse attendees in the strategies and practices that work in our classrooms. 

Discover why teaching behaviour is an essential ingredient for providing all students with an equal opportunity to excel and how the application of consistent routines is a recipe to achieve this. This workshop will highlight Classroom Mastery, a current approach to professional learning used across Australian schools to develop consistent classroom practices and a school wide behaviour curriculum.


Why attend

Develop a contemporary understanding of student behaviour grounded in evidence-based practices.

Explore how the elements of culture: beliefs, values, norms, routines & rules, interact to shape the school & classroom environment.

Understand the essential skills for effective classroom management.

Leave with practical evidence-based strategies to use in your classroom & that can be applied as a whole-of-school approach.

Meet your facilitator

Dr Tim McDonald
Chief Executive Officer, The Y Western Australia

Tim McDonald is a leading authority on student behaviour and engagement. He wrote Classroom Management: Engaging Students in Learning to help teachers and schools change behaviour with practical strategies to positively respond to misbehaviour and to de-escalate conflict. 

What to expect

Who will attend

K-12, Primary and Secondary schools with roles as:


  • Principal
  • Deputy/Assistant Principal
  • Head of Wellbeing/Wellness/Engagement/Academic Services
  • Head of Teacher Development
  • Head of School or Year
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Classroom Teachers


One-day Masterclass | Times are shown in AEST

4 September 2024
9:00am - 4:00pm

Brisbane, CBD – Venue TBC


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