Adam Kruger is an accomplished education professional and Teaching and Learning Specialist with a rich background in educational leadership. Having worked at multiple schools, including most recently Wesley College in Melbourne, Victoria, Adam brings a wealth of experience to his role at Clyde Secondary College.

With extensive experience in leadership roles such as Assistant Principal and Educational Consultant, Adam possesses a deep understanding of educational leadership and curriculum development. As the leader of teaching and learning at his own school, Adam has pioneered innovative approaches to enhance student learning outcomes. He is renowned for his expertise in analysing data to inform instructional practices, driving positive change, and maximizing impact in the classroom.

Adam’s commitment to leveraging data-driven strategies to optimize student learning outcomes is evident in his dynamic approach to curriculum development and pedagogy. His work has also impacted the wider community, with many schools seeking his leadership in educational practices and initiatives.

With a passion for fostering innovation and equipping students with essential skills for success, Adam is dedicated to shaping the future of education at Clyde Secondary College through impactful leadership and cutting-edge educational practices.